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Why SMEs and Startups Should Opt for Go4hosting’s Data Center Services

Businesses are embarking on major digital transformation. The exponential growth of wireless data, cloud technology, streaming content, IoT, and big data has mounted pressure on data centers to support these changing dynamics within defined budget boundaries while maintaining uppermost performance, security, and regulatory demands. As Data Center Servicescompetition in the market continues to inflate, businesses across industries have become extremely cautious while picking up a solution to stay competitive and keep unwarranted risks and irregularities at bay. No business leader would ever want to witness downtimes or intricacies in managing their IT infrastructure. Thus, as a solution, most of the entrepreneurs of today look for a data center that is fully connected and flexible – no matter what your business demand is, or what domain you belong to.

The decision to outsource or manage data in-house is the most difficult question. It has its own nuances. However, the top IT trends reveal – businesses prefer to outsource IT services from a professional data center service provider, and this trend will likely explode like an unstoppable blustery weather in coming years.

Leading this trend will be small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups. Reason – world-class facilities – managed by experts – delivered on an economical, monthly/yearly subscription basis. However, not every provider is on the same page; they might ask for hefty outlays in an exchange of low-scale offerings or fixed range of services with least customization.

Let’s understand how Go4hosting powers startup organizations to mark their presence in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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Go4hosting is the fastest growing, CMMI level 5 assessed and ISO 20000-1:2011and ANSI/ TIA942 certified organization, serving thousands of customers – right from the startups to Fortune 500 companies since its inception. With 15+ years of experience in the data center industry, Go4hosting’s professionals are well-acquainted with the ups and downs that companies encounter during their journey. We have endeavored to design actionable path to transformation keeping all possible challenges in mind that startups may face.

Let’s take a look at some other top reasons that highlight the competence of Go4hosting’s Data Center for Startups:

Low latency:  Latency is one of the major concerns that has a direct impact on business’s visibility and brand presence. Latency can be defined as the time taken by a website to load, depending on the path that a data needs to travel from one place to another. Go4hosting’s data centers are located at the heart of India, namely Delhi and Jaipur. In addition, these facilities are designed with industry standards incorporating high-end switching architecture, on chip routing, user-level networking, new transport protocol, enterprise-grade storage systems, and a whole host of advanced storage stacks – that ensures your business critical applications stays always-up, always-available to you and your end-users.  According to reports, if a website takes more time than the actual loading time, users turn to switch to your rivals site – bearing wrong impression about your company. Even the search engine behemoth “Google” prefer websites that load faster in its search engine page rankings over who fails to meet this parameter.

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Colocation: Go4hosting enables organizations to connect to whatever they require, be it network carriers, bandwidth requirement, or moving your IT assets to a technologically-proven colocation facility. Our breadth of services and data center’s flexibility enables organizations to balance workloads between colocation and cloud. Importantly, it provides ultimate level of flexibility to move workloads from a colocation Data Center Servicesenvironment to a managed or cloud hosting environment without causing any interruption in running business operations. On top of that, being a carrier neutral facility, it bestows a range of telecommunication networks and have high-end security in place to meet your needs. The gain – businesses can trim down their capital and operating expenses and hassle of an on premise data center that demands round the clock maintenance, power and cooling to support your IT infrastructure.

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Affordability & Customizations: Go4hosting offers smorgasbord of web hosting and cloud hosting solutions that can be tailored to offer personalized business experience. No matter whether you are picking up for dedicated server hosting or public cloud hosting – customizations are possible at each level.  Go4hosting flexible data center infrastructure has the potential to seamlessly support quick upgrades and sustain a rapid growth in performance. It is designed to attain optimal density, offering compute resources, networking power, and storage capacity with the smallest footprint.  On top of that, highest level of support which is active round the clock is offered to the clients.

High-end Security: Go4hosting has proven methods and procedures in place that offers multi-level security of mission-critical data, assets, and network. The ballistic building architecture, secure cabinets, perimeter protection, biometric access, CCTV surveillance, including mantraps, keycards, and governance policies help in warranting smooth business functioning.

Scalability: Scalability is one of the most important factors that every business leader considers before making a move – no matter which industry they belong to.  Go4hosting’s data center provides a highly flexible architecture that has the potential to support change in demands. The modular systems in place let organizations across different ambits to swiftly address and adapt to transitions and transformations of businesses.

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Leverage technology and resources to meet basic to growing requirements – without being left out.

Are you looking forward to know more about our data centers, take a virtual tour, visit us, or connect with our experts at 1800-212-2022…

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