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How to Amplify Service levels with Colocation Hosting Services

Colocation hosting is suitable for SMEs wanting to leverage large IT departments at less associated costs. While big corporations make use of Internet infrastructure for hosting their web servers and employ an in-house team of IT professionals to manage the same, small companies and individual users cannot afford the same.

For such clients (small companies & individuals), vendors render an array of options such as simple hosting, running web servers via a dedicated Internet connection etc. Colocation is also one such service. Here are a few reasons why your business must choose colocation services on top of every other hosting service.

  • With colocation hosting, you can place your server hardware in some other company’s rack and then share the bandwidth
  • While the process is costlier than regular web hosting, even then it renders a steady amplification to your business functions

The hardware set up can be transferred to the colocation provider’s center. You can also rent a server machine from the provider’s rack. Then you will get an IP, bandwidth and power supply for your server. Now that the server is active, it can be accessed like a web site on a hosting provider. It is just that here, you own the hardware.

How can businesses benefit from colocation?

  • The primary benefit of colocation is the cost for bandwidth
  • Colocation setups from providers have a better DR strategy in place. That is why the outrage protection scale is better in these places
  • Your business is the sole owner of the server hardware. So the machinery can be upgraded as per the needs
  • Instead of relying on the server software rendered by hosting providers, you get to own and install software of your choice
  • The server that you own is maintained in a better and secured environmen0074
  • Some providers also manage your servers at an additional cost

Thus small businesses eyeing a decently large web presence and deal with complicated network connections can benefit hugely from colocation hosting services.

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