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Why Is Cloud Computing Important For Small And Medium Business

Cloud swiftly entered the world of technology without making many people know about it. The movement to cloud computing has been so smooth that business houses are now virtually dependant on it.

From sending email to clients through Gmail or managing customer relationship while handling projects on basecamp, businesses have endorsed cloud in more than one way.

Many SMB’s still presume cloud to be a technological fad of reputed business houses; and are still not able to figure out that “Why Cloud is a need of time?”

So what makes Cloud a reliable solution for a small business?

1) Minimal Start-up Cost:  If you go in for the hardware and physical infrastructure, it is obvious that the set up cost would be heavy on pockets, but with cloud, the cost has been reduced exponentially as you only have to pay for the services. Cloud can provide you anything ranging from basic infrastructure to ready to use cost effective apps, which are easily accessible from anywhere.

2) Pay As You Go: One of the important features that helped Cloud to penetrate the big market was Pay As You Go.  It enabled businesses to distribute their finances in a more strategic manner. The benefit is that you only will be paying for technological resources when you have utilized them.

3) Setting Business Goals:  As a founder of SMB, your main goal would be to achieve the targets that have been set for the fiscal year. Often due to technical glitches, CEO’s are found muddled in operational issues that tends to take away most of their costly time. This time could be saved and utilized beneficially by outsourcing those duties with the help of cloud.

4) Scalability: Though there could be many other important features of Cloud, but this one out rightly wins and makes its way to this list. The facility to automatically scale up the server on demand when a spike in activities is observed or to scale down as it dips, makes it the most reliable solution for all types of business.  This helps to reduce the downtime and also saves money as you only pay for the space that you have consumed.

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