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Not Sure Where To Host My Server

Understanding where to host your server is not a big deal!!

Veritably, the best location for your server will bank on – the quality of the hosting provider you choose – their global communication networks and the immediacy to your target users. In this blog, you will get to know about the server location factors that will help you to earn commendable decision making.

Reliable and Fast Network: The first and the foremost thing to consider when deciding to host your server is that your hosting provider employs a reliable and the fastest local network connections (LAN, WAN) to serve your target users with instant response. Next, are the resources (hardware and techniques) utilized to establish these connections.

Let’s assume, if a user makes a query for your service; he types XYZ in the search engine, the made request has to travel from your server to the provider’s network, and then to different other networks. If, the local networks are reliable and expeditious, the user will be served with instant response.

Data Center Quality-Check: Server hosting demands high availability of network, power, cooling, hardware guarantee, scalable architecture, security, precision environment, fire protection system, load balancing and routing architecture, branded control-panels, and central management architecture. It is important to check these attributes of a data center as a “miss” will turn your business growth inverted. Also, ensure the redundancy factor in the network to cope with the disastrous plight.

Energy Consumption: Data centers consume high amount of electricity to power the servers, buildings, and cooling systems. Therefore, an impressive amount of capital is involved in electrical consumption. Cost of the electricity depends on the location where the data center is located. Lower the electricity prices, higher will be the data center up-gradation, and less will be the prices for the plans offered to the users.

Legal and Political Checks: Every country has its own law and order, which they have to abide by. Laws related to data security, content publishing on the website differs from country to country. You should be cautious while opting for a country to host your server as the content or the application you want to run on your server may be against the law.

Natural Disaster: Disasters like flood, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes can occur anywhere, anytime. However, you need to note that you aren’t hosting in a data center that is located in such an affected area. For example, due to Hurricane Sandy which occurred in New York, various top websites went out of way.

Immediacy to Target Users: Well, this is one of the major aspects that needs your due attention. The distance that ‘data or information’ has to travel determines the speed that your website takes to load. Again, if your service provider is rich in network and infrastructure, number of hops in network can be efficiently managed. If you intend to choose a service provider to host your server outside your country, thenstick to the one that has reliable, redundant, performing network with robust hardware. Also, check for the company’s terms and conditions to know how they perform and what all they offer.

These are few of the factors, which you can consider while hosting your server. Will be updating few more server colocation benefits in my further blogs.

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