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Time to move from email to other modern communication tools

Email communication has been around for a long period of almost five decades and has almost reached a saturation point. It is one of the most commonly used medium of communications by businesses around the globe. Business emails contribute around 60 percent to the total number of mails sent on a daily basis.Email-Logo

Email- on the verge of saturation

Email has achieved the status of default medium to send business communications. Although there have been attempts to improve the effectiveness of email communications, basic flaws continue to raise doubts about the future of this medium of communication.

Huge volumes of email communications and a growing number of spam and unsolicited mails have been consistently devaluing this medium of communication. In the modern and fast pace world, emails do not offer much needed collaboration and speed and therefore not suitable as an efficient medium for new age communications.

If you send an email communication to an individual, it will be part of a large number of mails that are already there in his inbox. Your poor mail will be passively waiting for the recipient’s attention.

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In the meantime you have no clue about the fate of your mail till you receive any response. Senders are not even aware whether their mails have been opened or not. It is estimated that an inbox receives around hundred emails on a daily basis. Most of the mails we receive belong to the categories of CCs and spam mails.

Some over-enthusiastic individuals send bulky attachments that can lead to unexpected bandwidth consumption and excessive use of storage. Deleting such mails can be an overwhelming task. Emails cannot provide facilities of group conversations or online meetings.

We can observe that majority of time in office is spent on checking email communications and more than half of those communications are insignificant. Unless you clear your inbox of such clutter, things will go out of your hands sooner than you could expect. Hence one has to frequently delete such unwanted mails.

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Need for smarter and faster communications

One needs to look for alternative modes of communications to overcome these limitations of email. Thankfully, there is a plethora of high-end tools that cannot only compliment the all pervasive email communication model but also add value to it due to certain smart features.

Business communications can be boosted with the help of instant messaging capabilities of Microsoft Skype. It is loaded with striking features of video conferencing, sharing of documents and screen, recording of live status, and many more.

Skype- Instant messaging and much more

Skype is primarily designed for delivering instant messaging. It facilitates the establishment of a private social network for an enterprise that has ability to connect all employees working for that enterprise. It helps reduce load on email communications due its feature of quick chat with employees.

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You need not make potential employees to travel long distance for attending interviews. Skype can be used for a face to face interview with candidates, thus saving time, expenditure, and hassles of travelling.

Online meetings, conference, video sharing, and web server conferences can be conducted instantly with Audio and Video online meetings facility provided by Skype. You can also track live status of your employees and get real time information about whether a particular teammate is busy, off-work, or available. Skype is able to sync with email or calendar and lets you know whether the employee is available at a particular date and time or not.

Storage in cloud with Go4hosting

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Improving business productivity

There are examples galore, wherein the enterprises could enhance their productivity by reducing their dependence on email communications. Time is ripe for every entrepreneur to think of social software as an alternative medium of business communication. You can expect a multi fold rise in productivity and make your employees more agile and focused.

With advanced communication management software, you can also add a competitive edge to your business. Email platform can be used as a notifying medium about the ongoing conversations on social platforms. You can click the concerned link and instantly join the discussion.

Modern social communication software provides a dashboard to trace the communications and relieves users from painful email search. The modern tools of communications also help store, access, and retrieve documents more easily than email hosting platforms.

Technological advances, and accelerated pace of work as well as life are forcing individuals and businessmen to reduce their dependency on traditional email communications. Instead they are relying more on cutting edge email management software and social software that improve collaboration and work efficiency.

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