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Mystery Around Cloud Raises IT Security Concern

Although cloud computing is gaining popularity at blazing speed, it still poses an extensive security and legal concern for businesses.

There are various instances where organizations have created a veil of secrecy around their data center locations and its operations. Cloud service providers state that it is of utmost significance to conceal this information, in order to safeguard the servers and the critical data stored in it.

The non-disclosure agreements entered between the client and the cloud service provider raises many questions in the minds of businesses and analysts that disagree with the fact. However, for cloud providers, the need to maintain secrecy is appropriate.

Most of the times, it is observed that the clients are vexed about the location of the data center, as they wish to know that where their data is physically located; they are keen about the location of the cloud provider’s data center.

There have been instances where some of the cloud service provider have been in the favor of maintaining transparency with the customers and have even supported client visits to the data center location to gauge its physical and network security; whereas some totally deject the idea.

The rage between transparency and secrecy in the cloud computing technology is daunting many businesses. This has given birth to a culture rivalry between the traditional on premise data centers Vs cloud data centers.

For organizations that preserve their sensitive business information in the cloud environment, a public cloud might seem to be a misfit. A public cloud provider in order to appease its clients should confirm the stringent security measures deployed in the public cloud infrastructure.

However, the industry experts are totally against this notion. For them it is of paramount importance, that the cloud providers should confer information regarding the various security plans and mechanisms adopted by them in public.

So, the bottom line is to locate a cloud service provider that unveils the mystery around the cloud and maintains transparency in its cloud computing operations

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