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Cloud Providers Embrace Nonprofit Organizations to Demonstrate Benevolence

Most of the software and technology industry giants have gauged the relevance of reaching out to the nonprofit organizations as a part of charitable acts.

Cloud service providers have also joined this league of institutions that have embarked on this philanthropic journey. They have discovered that doing good deeds to others can ensure good for business.

These days, there are numerous businesses that are involved in charitable acts of proffering free services to various nonprofit organizations. With such acts of generosity, the cloud service providers have discovered a plethora of new business and revenue generation opportunities with the nonprofit segment.

Various organizations have successfully figured out profuse market prospects related to the nonprofit companies.

As a part of this commendable teamwork, tops the chart. It has successfully implemented this approach to concurrently increase revenues and perform acts of generosity. It has been providing both CRM and other SaaS related solutions to the nonprofit organizations.

It usually nominates its proficient corporate executives to the governing boards of these nonprofit agencies that help to create credibility and at the same time inspires the volunteer board members to consider their business propositions.

Another organization to join this initiative is Box that has created to deliver special starter package that comprises of around ten free Box licenses to be distributed to the suitable nonprofit organizations.

However, other medium and large sized nonprofit organizations that might require more than ten Box licenses can avail the same at a fifty percent discounted amount. This enables the nonprofits to leverage from the licenses provided by Box, and simultaneously it also provides a platform to Box, wherein it introduces the corporates employed with nonprofits to the various solutions offered by Box.

Currently, there are plenty other cloud providers that have realized the positive impact of this strategy and have embraced a similar approach to reap the benefits.

In nutshell, it is apt to say that these charitable programs help to create a win-win situation for both cloud companies and nonprofit organizations.

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