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Go4Hosting introduces Elastic Servers and Cloud Servers

In its practice of setting benchmark in ‘ Web Hosting ‘ industry, Go4Hosting has become a number one Data Center to provide  ‘ Dedicated Server Hosting Service ‘ on Cloud as an option to its customers.  Companies now have an option to choose between flexible and fixed cloud servers known as Elastic Servers and Cloud Servers.

When you choose Elastic Servers, you start with prepaid account which gives you the flexibility to create different servers whenever you have a requirement and delete them through self-managed portal .  It empowers you to create as much as 30 virtual servers with up to 64 cores with small deposit. The best part is, that such a deposit never expires and can last for even 5+  years if remain unused.  It is best for ecommerce hosting where such companies delete and create servers depending on your requirements. You can increase the cores , RAM , HDD of your server on one click . It is really revolutionary where you get so much flexibility which was never possible before.

For customers who don’t want such features may opt for fixed cloud servers known as ‘Cloud Servers’. Go4Hosting, a premier Data Center Service provider in India has introduced fixed plans where our specialists would create such servers on Cloud instead of traditional dedicated platform.  The benefits of opting for Cloud Server over Dedicated Server are redundancy, flexibility, managed support, better security, scalability and lower costs.  In traditional dedicated servers, the customers faced problems related to server crash down , hard disk drive failures , no provision of increasing cores , no provision of scaling down etc.  Upgrade or downgrade from any plan to a new plan would remain clicks away with our Cloud Server .  Go4Hosting Cloud SLA guarantees on hardware and data which was never possible with traditional dedicated servers.

Time has come when customers would say no to traditional dedicated servers and move on to  ‘Cloud Hosting Server’ for numerous benefits.

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