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Data Center Switches & Cloud Market Soaring High In 2015

Few years back, a blue paper from the renowned American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, called Morgan Stanley revealed that public cloud workloads might experience an upturn by the end of 2014. The revelation had been made after the firm conducted a global survey on cloud migration. Several IT managers from the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions had participated in this review. According to industry experts back then, the key driver of technology investment would be the migration of workloads from on-premise data centers to public cloud technology environments.

Its 2015 now, and in lieu of the above prediction, the cloud industry has actually witnessed a stark transformation. Thanks to the recent boom in the data center market, we have recently witnessed a growth of 5 percent in Data Center Ethernet. This took place in the third quarter of 2014 and this was when industry booms and data center networks actually prepared to undertake an upward swing towards quicker connections. Industry analysts have also testified the same.

10GB Ethernet switches are widely used in the data center industry across the globe. These switches define a version of Ethernet wherein a nominal data rate of 10 GBPS i.e. 10 times as fast as Gigabit Ethernet gets rendered.

Organizations have experienced the following benefits by incorporating 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology:

  • These switches accelerate server virtualization by increasing web server network bandwidth which removes I/O blockages. They ensure higher virtual machine density within a physical server.
  • 10GB Ethernet switches reduce cabling costs because they reduce cabling by aggregating server connectivity. They also consolidate servers for a more powerful performance.
  • 10GB Ethernet switches improve the performance of an application because they support bandwidth-intensive applications. Therefore video, data backup and network storage are duly supported by high-performance computing (HPC) applications
  • By consolidating LAN and iSCSI storage traffic within one Ethernet fabric network, a integrated fabric is created.

Global enterprises have now got acquainted with 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches. Consequently they have already started showing interest in the idea of adopting 25 Gigabit and 50 Gigabit switches! These switches incorporate novel configurations so that the business requirements of giant cloud providers are catered. This new generation switching technology adds 25 GbE and 50 GbE switches to a combination of port speeds.

In a 25-Gigabit Ethernet components have been developed so as to make it a high-end component. This automatically signifies that higher production volumes have begun which has resulted in lowering of prices. As a result, cloud providers & data center owners are keen to deliver faster connectivity by investing in 25-Gigabit Ethernet switches.

At present, cloud hosting service benefactors are relying on green-hosting & eco-friendly data centers. As and when cloud models mature, real business prototypes will surface that will demand an explanation about billions of dollars spent on data centers. Therefore, we might witness a rising importance of technology reuse in the near future.

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