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Choosing a virtual host: How to make a smarter choice?

Over past few decades, the technology has indeed migrated to the desktop setting. And it is now pretty clear that virtualization has a lot to offer to businesses and individual PC users alike. For SMEs, the prime factor behind leveraging this concept begins with choosing the right vendor.

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the key questions that IT managers must put forward while looking for a virtual host:

1.       What Type of Virtualization Do They Offer?

Some companies specialize in virtualization platforms that are fundamentally better replacements for shared and dedicated server hosting plans, while some have more varied offerings on the service list. Now, as a case in point, let’s say a service provider offers different flavors of virtualization ranging from server consolidation provisions to optimized cloud solutions. These services are strategically devised to facilitate organizations with desired flexibility and agility to thrive in an extremely competitive business landscape. Therefore, before signing on the dotted line, ensure that you are aware of what the virtual host has to offer and how you can leverage the same.

2.       How Much RAM You Will Have Access to?

Hosting companies do offer various plans loaded with an array of features; however RAM is debatably the most significant attribute of all. In the virtual environment, this substantial resource has a considerable impact on, be it application performance or server effectiveness. Some businesses equally distribute RAM and other requisite resources based on the number of users sharing the physical machine. Others provide you with a user friendly cPanel that empowers you to assign it yourself. In any event, you want to change the assigned allocation you can do it yourself.

3.       How Many Neighbors Will Be There With Whom You Have To Share Resources?

You know the old adage, “The more we are together, the happier we shall be.” Well, the same doesn’t necessarily go in case of virtualization, an arrangement that time and again requires you to share hardware resources with other users. In such scenarios, I would say the best saying would be, “The lesser we are together, the happier we shall be.” Therefore, it would be best to know beforehand about the number of neighbors you will have to share resources with. Because you will get a clear insight and accordingly optimize resources, implement the suitable security provisions, and plan for various other tasks that enable you to ensure superior performance, security, and reliability.

4.       How You Will Be Managing Your Infrastructure?

Bear this mind, the more virtual servers you will deploy, then more hectic it will be for you to manage them diligently. This is the reason why you must have a user friendly cPanel (control panel). It will not only streamline the management of multiple servers, but will also simplify your mundane tasks like domain addition, email account configuration and latest version software installation.

5.       Whether You Will Be Provided 24X7 Dedicated Support Or Not?

There are numerous issues ranging from trivial to highly complicated that you might be coming across unexpectedly in anytime in future. Be it is any query related to billing or cPanel administration, you will require immediate assistance from the service provider. Therefore, do ensure beforehand that your service provider do provides dedicated 24×7 support services, including toll-free phone, email hosting provider, and online documentation (so you can browse through different resources and help yourself).

With passage of time things have certainly changed for the better, however, IT managers at SMEs who jump immediately to embrace virtualization without doing their groundwork on individual hosts can end up in a similar chaos — trapped within a capable platform that is challenging to manage and use to its full potential.

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