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Five Joomla Websites that Deserve to be visited

Unless you are able to fathom the depths of Joomla communities and their dedication to Joomla through exemplary achievements, you will never be in a position to get involved in the continuing development. The essence of Joomla communities is to beacon those who are able to appreciate the magnificence of their contribution to Joomla .

It is with the same intention of bringing you closer to the painstaking contributions of Joomla community members, that the following five sites are being described herewith. A deeper view of these sites encourages us to be part of Joomla development initiatives.

The site ‘’ is designed to help you make suggestions or recommendations for adding features to future development of Joomla. This is an extremely useful resource for advanced Joomla users for active participation in ongoing Joomla projects.

The site is a brimming with suggestions made by other visitors. These can be easily accessed by you for viewing as well as for leaving your own comments to those suggestions. The site entitles every visitor to post as many as these votes on each suggestion.

Maximum number of votes allowed per visitor is restricted to ten votes only in order to enhance the caliber of ideas. The votes are returned to voters either in the event of the idea getting accepted or if the idea is not going to see the light of the day in future.

Whether you are a novice or a committed developer, the site is sure to offer a gratifying experience to everyone interested in Joomla.  The comment section presents and interesting array of views posted by experienced Joomla users on suggestions and an overview about the extent of development efforts that are underway. You can get useful insights about several negative aspects of third party extensions by browsing through comments posted by experienced users.

You cannot deny the fact that such an in-depth view of Joomla and its extensions cannot be found anywhere else. This qualifies the site for a regular visit by every Joomla enthusiast and by those who are even remotely associated with Joomla.

JCM (Joomla Community Magazine)

The site of Joomla Community Magazine is a rich source of information and articles related with Joomla. You also get to know about Joomlers through the feature ‘Joomler of the month’. It is worth visiting regularly by everyone who is interested to keep abreast of developments in the domain of Joomla .

The issue is out on 5th every month and features wide selection of articles in diverse languages including, German, French, English, and Portuguese, to name a few. You need not look for any other resource to know about Joomla events across the continents since JCM itself offers rich assortment of Joomla news and events.

Joomla’s monthly magazine is an interesting resource for those who need to step into the universe of Joomla by way of getting involved through contributions that are most welcome.

There are many topics available for contribution by everyone irrespective of his or her technical prowess. These are feature stories that cover subjects of general interests for Joomla community and Joomla Events that guarantee an in depth coverage of a recent event or a review of future Joomla event. It also covers events that involve your local Joomla User Groups.

Whether you are a web designer, developer or site administrator, the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) has you covered by offering rich information about subjects of your interests. You can also read case studies involving Joomla websites and a lot more.

 Joomla Volunteers Portal

This site is based on the simple thought that almost everyone can contribute to Joomla in many ways. No wonder, it prides in the listing of more than a thousand Joomlers from various places across the world. In addition to their profound involvement in design, promotion, development, and organization of ongoing Joomla projects, these developers truly reflect the multiplicity and vast scope of projects.

The portal for Joomla volunteers is always ready to welcome fresh volunteers who are able to contribute in whatever way they can. Some of the few categories that can be chosen for contribution are organizing Joomla conference or events, looking after legal aspects, documentation, and extension directory of various projects and so forth. It is not surprising that there are as many as 62 working groups that are contributing to every possible area of Joomla development.

Joomla Resource Directory

Individuals who are interested to gain more out of Joomla  need to be provided with resources to identify professional service providers. JRD (Joomla Resource Directory) is a step in the same direction. It is extremely difficult to get listed in various categories of the directory due to the involvement of intricate process.

There is a plethora of heads under which resource providers are categorized such as:

  • Design and development
  • Training and education
  • Creative strategy
  • Development of templates and many more.

What is a common attribute that connects Italy, Spain, Chile, USA, and Mongolia?  These are top five countries that have the highest number of Joomla sites. You can find more information about more than three thousand Joomla government sites to help you promote services to government bodies in different countries.

If you visit these Joomla websites, then these will transform your views about Joomla and will induce you to join the communities that are the force behind Joomla .

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