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Unleash the Power of Managed Dedicated Servers to Augment Website Performance

There can be no two opinions about ability of dedicated servers in terms of security, speed, performance, resource availability, privacy, control and flexibility of hosting environment. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-billion conglomerate, dedicated servers can cater to your hosting requirements with unmatched efficiency and privacy of hosting environment.

If resource availability is one of the concerns of your web projects, then dedicated servers have you covered. No matter what is the size of your company, dedicated servers can cater to web hosting applications of small as well as large conglomerates with equal efficiency and reliability.

Since a dedicated hosting arrangement entities your website to access all resources of a single server, you can configure the server according to your unique hosting needs. This level of freedom cannot be experienced in shared or VPS hosting because these are multi-tenant hosting arrangements.

Reliable protection

Security is the most important consideration for websites that operate in dedicated hosting arrangement. This is because dedicated hosting surpasses all other types of hosting in terms of protection of clients website data and other digital assets including client information and other mission critical data related to login credentials and credit card information.

Managed dedicated hosting entitles you to uninterrupted technical assistance and seamless protection of your web applications. Contrary to a common belief, one can opt for dedicated hosting even if there is lack of in-house technical expertise. The technical teams appointed by your hosting service provider look after all security related tasks such as regular updates, security patches, and a lot more.

Broad spectrum of support

There are multiple advantages of leasing an entire server for an enterprise. It can accelerate completion of projects, support databases, and simplify deployment of software applications of choice. Dedicated servers support development of applications as well as manage complex websites with heavy or dynamic contents. In practically all situations including peak time traffic, dedicated servers offer unparalleled performance. Dedicated server hosting coupled with incessant network uptime can result in website performance that is beyond compare. Tour visitors will always enjoy visiting your website that always available and is responding fast. The basic objective of dedicated server is to provide dedicated resources to web applications and it is for the same reason that server overload is never an issue in dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated resources

With a dedicated server to support your websites, the entire server resources are at your command and there is no possibility of clogged CPU and RAM due to excessive consumption of resources by websites. Unlike shared hosting, you will not be concerned with resource hogging websites in neighborhood. Your very own dedicated server is immune to objectionable scripts that operate in other websites or unexpected bandwidth consumption by other websites.

Greater performance and security standards

Dedicated servers are sought after by many entrepreneurs for excellent uptime for website that deliver unrestricted performance even under demanding conditions. In addition, dedicated server provides greater security and privacy of hosting environment and allows implementation of individual security policies and firewall configuration. Even in the presence of resource intensive applications and extremely heavy traffic, dedicated servers continue to deliver stable performance.

Companies with significantly higher security concerns due to presence of sensitive information thrive in dedicated hosting environments due to availability of unique IP addresses and SSL encryption. Visitors feel secure to transact payments by using their credit or debit cards due to these security aspects. In a dedicated hosting environment

Flexible and hosting with greater ROI

Clients of dedicated servers are able enjoy flexibility of hosting and can customize their dedicated server in terms of operating systems, software applications, CPU, RAM, and disk space. Since a fully managed dedicated server does not need in house technical personnel to look after server management, you can utilize your talent pool to execute more productive tasks for the growth of the enterprise.

Your hosting service provider looks after the maintenance and updates to keep the server always up and running. With considerable reduction of overheads, companies can look forward to greater cost efficiency with dedicated server hosting than operating servers at in-premise facilities.

Outstanding support

Dedicated servers are ideal for large ecommerce stores and gaming portals. Visitors are able to instantly log in and access the websites without any hassles at any time of the day. These websites are offered amazing support to ensure flawless hosting.

Usually, reputed hosts make sure that appropriate technical support regarding server deployment, boot related matters, and setting up of firewalls, is offered to clients. The support for databases includes FTP services, database repairs, and MySQL upgrades along with support for mail systems and frameworks.

Managed dedicated server hosting services provided by trustworthy hosts enable smooth management of online businesses. If you have an exclusive support of your in-house teams, then you may choose unmanaged dedicated server hosting. Proven providers of dedicated hosting make sure to enable clients from all business verticals to find the right hosting solution for any business.

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