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Explore Managed VPS Hosting to Avail the Most Rewarding Hosting Advantages

There are many advantages of managed VPS hosting over shared hosting. If your website happens to suffer from deficiency of resources leading to repeated events of downtime, then it is right time to shift your web project from shared hosting to the managed VPS hosting.

Managed VPS hosting not only supports your website with undiluted resources but enables you to exercise root control and freedom to install applications of your choice. Managed VPS hosting users are allowed to choose server configuration as well as operating system including Windows or Linux.

If you are able to find the right managed VPS host, then you will be assured of 99.99 percent network uptime guarantee for incessant availability of your business critical applications at far more economical costs than dedicated hosting.

Need for managed VPS hosting

Customer preferences, variety of business applications and multiple hosting requirements of businesses of different sizes and from different categories have resulted in availability of diverse hosting types including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, free hosting, and VPS hosting.

Any small business that desires to establish its online presence can be confronted with perplexing choices due to sheer number of hosting types as well as service providers offering mind boggling variety of hosting plans. This underlines importance of choosing the option of Fully managed VPS hosting that not only boosts online presence but is also a budget friendly hosting option. Another advantage of managed VPS hosting is freedom from the complex server management.

Brief introduction of managed VPS hosting

If the provider of VPS hosting services undertakes to manage all server related tasks on the behalf of customers, then the service is termed as a managed hosting. These services are operated by technical experts that are available round the clock to make sure that your website and all its applications run without any interruptions.

Server management is a highly complex task and by shouldering the responsibility of supporting you with seamless server management, the host allows you to look after your business and concentrate on its expansion rather than getting entangled in technicalities of server management.

Vital parameters of managed VPS hosting

There is a plethora of services offered to clients of managed VPS hosting by reliable hosts. These include setting up of web based control panel, trouble shooting services, online backup, configuration of operating system, and installation of software applications. Managed VPS hosts are also responsible for periodic updating and patching of software applications, hardware maintenance, security auditing, and comprehensive maintenance of servers.

Owners of online businesses need to consider managed VPS hosting as a necessity rather than an option among different types of hosting. Managed VS hosting is the most important resource for unhindered growth of your online business. Following are the compelling advantages of managed VPS hosting for online entrepreneurs.

Speed of website access

There is ample amount of research available to establish the importance of fast page loading for improved conversions. It is found that websites that are slow and do not load within six to seven seconds are bound to be abandoned by visitors. The delay in page loading can cost your online business in terms of lost customers and missed opportunities of conversions.

Since website speed is looked upon by lading search engines as one of the important ranking factors, you need to take all precautions to make sure that your website loads faster. A fast loading website is regarded for better conversion rates and subsequent revenue generation. This is where managed VPS servers excel and are sought after by businesses that attach greater significance to speed of websites.

Website security

For any online business, the website is as important as the physical ship and therefore deserves to be protected from variety of online threats such as unauthorized access, intrusion, hacking, and more. Managed VPS hosting relieves you from concerns of security of your online venture.

Managed VPS hosts take all necessary precautions by running security audits, firewall configurations, frequent and scheduled data backup, OS updates, virus scanning, and Spam filtering just to name a few. In addition to this all services offered by the hosting providers are supported by proficient software engineers that are in the guard for 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week.

Responsive scalability

Managed VPS hosting is reckoned for yet another aspect known as scalability. Every online business aspires to grow in terms of visitors, customers and subscribers. This needs a hosting solution that is capable of providing resources to support high growth of websites or to handle sudden surge of traffic during peak times or festival periods.

Your growing online business cannot afford to suffer from limited resources that are generally provided in a shared hosting environment. VPS hosting guarantees dedicated resource availability and an isolated existence that is immune to resource consumption of neighboring websites. This also guarantees ease of scaling up or down as per the allocated resources to your VPS hosted website application.

Managed VPS hosting allows dedicated resources such as dedicated IP address, RAM, disk space, monthly data transfer, and CPU. These servers are fully managed by reliable hosting service providers to make sure that websites are operating to their fullest potential with least latency.

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