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Key Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

Email messaging has long been facilitating business as well as personal communications. Email has proved its strength as a universally acclaimed medium and is being extensively used across all categories of businesses as a strong marketing tool.

Email can prove to be an effective resource to enhance engagement and enhancement of existing subscriber base. We need to follow some extremely useful tips to improve effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Consistent efforts to build the subscriber base

A voluminous and vibrant subscriber base is the foundation of a good email marketing strategy. You need to continuously keep on adding to the subscriber base by designing a balanced strategy that is neither too professional not too personal. The subscribers need to be approached with an offer of a fair trade.

Nowadays, every second business is adopting email marketing strategy that leads to cluttering of the inboxes without any positive responses from the target audiences. This underlines need to add value to your mails. It would be great if you are able to identify trending topics that are able to generate responses.

You can also explore landing pages, website headers, checkout counters or digital ads since these are proven winners. It is however recommended to select the least irritating options.

Optimize the frequency of emails

One should not forget the commonly used cliché that says ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. According to a study there are approximately 17 percent marketers that shoot at least six emails to subscribers and 8 percent marketers send almost eight emails in a month.

Rest of the population of marketers that responded to the survey sends between four to six emails in a month. One must not undermine the number of un-subscribers and it is found that annoying frequency is the most common reason for this.

Benefitting from hidden intelligence

Predictive intelligence facilitates automatic personalization of the email content by understanding and analyzing customer behavior that can be garnered by using web tracking codes. These can be used to influence customer engagement according to the key performance indicators of your business.

There are number of activities including email opens, dropped carts, browsing histories, and web clicks among others that can empower you with cross-channel data. By integration of this data you can get a comprehensive view of subscribers’ preferences. Such data is used for creating and delivering personalized content via a myriad of channels as well as emails.

Use of high-end algorithms helps making decisions as well as recommendations that are generated from observations. This is used for automating content delivery. The interesting aspect of the algorithms is these become more and more efficient with every interaction.

Leverage insights from emails

The most effective method of using analytics by generating email insights is to perform A/B resting. There can be myriad of ways to perform testing, including minor alterations to design, copy, subject lines, frequency, and so forth. Instead of restricting yourself to only the resources provided by email metrics, you can use emails that are supported by Journey Builder for real time tracking of each and every component of the campaign.

This will help you evaluate your success in terms of email campaign objectives in terms of individual customer data. You will be empowered with relevant information to understand the most effective messages and days of campaign to further improvising your campaigns. Additionally, you are also welcome to register for Connections 2016 in order to keep yourself in the forefront of the most recent trends and the latest technologies.

Boost instant responses

The days of addressing individuals with a simple ‘Dear XYZ’ are long over. Modern customers look forward to a more personalized approach that should be backed by the relevance of the content. If the interaction is matching their standards then you can expect instant engagement and the denial can be also be rapid if the interaction is found to be below their standards.

There are more number of Smartphone users that access emails than all other devices. The recent data on record proves that 66 percent of the total emails were accessed via Smartphones followed by 16 percent through tablets. This establishes significance of customers who open their emails while on the go.

Your email campaign must be optimized to be opened on any device if you are serious about engaging with today’s generation. Moreover, the fastest way to connect with people for assured conversions would be via mobile apps. Mobile apps open doors to a whole new spectrum of communication channels in addition to push notifications and so forth.

Using pre-set updates and cross channel resources

It is always better to design triggered updates that can help you send automated mails to customers following their purchases, greeting them on their birthdays or anniversaries, or only sending across a receipt.

While nobody can deny significance of email for any digital marketing campaign, it constitutes only one facet of the entire strategy. The email advantage can be shifted to the next level by using other channels of communications such as SMSs, push notifications and web-based digital ads to name a few.


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