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Relevance of Email Campaigns in Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Among all direct marketing tools, email marketing is probably the most commonly used and powerful option that can be used for nurturing leads as well as for boosting ecommerce sales. If the email marketing campaign is appropriately designed and conducted then it can help build stronger customer relationships in a highly cost effective manner. Although, email is relatively an older medium of communication as compared to Facebook or other social platforms, it is proved to be 40 percent more powerful in terms of acquiring new clients than Twitter or Facebook.

Understanding relevance of email marketing in ecommerce

Email marketing involves building email lists for conducting mass campaigns that can comprise of current client base, potential or warm leads, and other segments of your contacts.

Every business including brick and mortar as well as ecommerce can leverage support of email marketing by accommodating it in its marketing strategy. Email marketing allows a regular stream of emails to be sent to the audience for building relationships and establishing a top of the mind recall. It also helps keep your contacts updated regarding new launches, product or service extensions, to boost sales.

Proper implementation of email campaigns

Email marketing enables amazing returns on investment and it can be used to build ecommerce enterprises since it is not practical to develop face to face contacts with customers who are using ecommerce. It has been demonstrated that email campaigns can account for 50 percent growth in revenues at nearly 33 percent lower expenditure as compared with other marketing strategies.

Online entrepreneurs can exploit their email lists for conducting various campaigns that are being run on social platforms for encouraging clients to follow your business on these platforms.

Email campaigns can be aligned with your blogs for improving your readership. Properly crafted emails can be sent to relevant audience for prompting a right action. There are certain strategies to be followed for designing and executing successful email campaigns. Following infallible tips can certainly help you achieve desired results from email campaigns.

Strategic application of series campaigns

Series campaigns are implemented for triggering email messages to users against specific actions on websites. The series campaign is designed around specific call to action parameters that are being focused by organization.

Welcome series is designed to be prompted by signing up of newsletter, following a blog, or opening account with your service. The welcome series usually begins with a word of thanks followed by reinforcing their trust by explaining advantages. Next email in series can be designed to stimulate the recipient to initiate an action to begin a buying process. This can be either upgrading an account or signing up for a service. The final mail in welcome series can be an offer to purchase supported by a discount coupon.

Series campaign for abandoned cart is another common email campaign to encourage customers to buy items that have already been selected by them. Similarly, a follow-up series is designed to tank your customers for purchasing your service or products.

You can request customers to come back if they have not visited your site for a long time after some amount of initial interest by implementing We Miss You series. These campaigns as part of series campaigns contribute to your overall email campaign strategy.

Focusing on content of email

You need to concentrate on the strength of content of your email message. A poorly crafted mail will have no effect even if it is sent to the right prospect and at the right time. The mail needs to be properly crafted, formatted, and tested before sending it across to the prospects.

Prior to opening any mail the viewer is looking at the subject heading. Therefore a compelling subject heading can improve chances of your mail getting attention. The subject line must be short and crisp because you have only 3 to 4 seconds before the reader is distracted to other messages in his or her inbox. Message should be mobile friendly with a clean layout and draft that will not offend viewer with negative statements.

Copy writing

This can be considered as the most daunting part of email campaigns. While preparing draft, you need to maintain a friendly and personal tone. While presenting your product, do not make the client feel that you are here to make a sale you need to explain value of your product or service to your client.

Segmenting the audience

It will be more apt to divide your audience into smaller fragments to make your campaigns more pointed and sharp focused. This can also help you improve relevance of your messages while enhancing chances of conversions. By improving relevance of your content, you are also minimizing chances of your mail getting ended up in a spam folder. Audience can be segmented on the basis of number of factors such as purchase histories, age, purchase interests, and so forth.

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