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Optimum Use of Email as an Efficient Medium of Business Communication

There can be no two opinions about the significance of email as a reliable medium for business communications. It is effective and easy to use communication solution that needs a PC with an access to Internet. With widespread use of Internet enabled handheld devices, people can send and receive email communications on the go.

Emails exist in the soft format and enables users to make hard copies whenever needed for the records. Email is an environment friendly medium for communication. It is extremely easy to archive email communications and retrieve these as and when the need arises, thus saving massive volumes of paper.


Universal functionalities

Email has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of the concept of paperless office across the globe and is a well accepted communication solution in the business world. Email is extensively used as an effective communication resource for sending internal communication in organizations.

One can send a common communication to the entire workforce with help of a single mouse click or can mark copies of the communication to relevant hierarchies.

Email communications can always be saved for any future reference or can be accessed to be used as an evidence or proof of communication. Use of emails as a marketing tool is on the rise with large number of enterprises using the same for promoting their products or services to prospective clients.

Fast and sure communication

Email communications are sent across to the intended recipients instantly. These are ideal for real tile distribution of information. Email communications are also designed to generate faster responses from recipients. Therefore these are highly sought after by businessmen and professionals who are looking forward to a speedy response to their quotations, inquiries, and proposals, just to name a few. Emails are useful business tools for streamlining business processes and coordination within the organization.

Enhancement of productivity and cost efficiency

Email is an efficient medium of communication. It facilitates entrepreneurs to communicate with clients, suppliers, associates, and employees with ease. It can be used to disseminate information to targeted individuals. State of the art email software solutions can help customize your communication as per requirements of business.

Email is one of the most cost efficient medium as well. It not only saves paper and postage related costs but also provides an economical storage alternative to traditional files and office racks to help save valuable office spaces. Email marketing can be leveraged to reduce reliance on tele-marketing.

Email format guidelines

As for any professional communication, a business email must be crisp and concise. It must be supported with a clear subject line that inspires reader to open the mail. Subject line is the most important feature of any email communication and serves the same purpose of a heading.

Unless the heading has an ability to arouse interest we hardly take time to read the article or a blog. The same principle can be applied to the subject line of email communication.

It is not proper to use fancy fonts while writing business email communications. The most ideal formats are standard formats such as Calibri, Times Roman, or Trebuchet with a size of about 11 or 12 points. Ideally business communications should have a black color font, but if you prefer to use color fonts, then you may use dark blue font as an alternative.

Business email communications should stick to a single subject that has been described in the subject line itself. You must write about the subject without beating around the bush. Use of good English that is grammatically correct speaks volumes about your abilities.

Spell check should be respected as a tool but you need to proof read your emails before sending them across to your recipients. If you are required to send attachments, then make sure that these are easy to download and open.

Business email etiquettes

You should use a professional tone while drafting business email communications while avoiding use of any negative words or phrases. Using salutations that may sound personal must be avoided. It is better to begin your communication with a simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’. Using a signature block that provides your contact information can be helpful. You need to pay close attention to the list of recipients and should avoid sending copies of your communication to irrelevant people.

Word of caution

There are multiple instances of misunderstanding on account of written communications because every individual may perceive the communication in written format differently. Email should therefore never be used as a substitute to an oral or face to face communication. Overuse of email communications can impact your social quotient. Email serves as a permanent record of communication and should be used with caution to avoid future issues or misgivings.


Email is an efficient and effective medium for communicating within or outside the organization. It empowers you to share vital information in the form of attachments and provides facility of keeping relevant contacts in the loop. It can be used to serve the best business interests of the organization by avoiding over reliance. At the end of the day, there can never be any alternative to a personal and face to face communication.

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