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Choose Dedicated Email Hosting for Efficient and Secure Business Email Communications

One of the distinct advantages of web hosting plans is availability of free email inbox facility along with the hosting package. The facility provides excellent convenience of managing website as well as email accounts right from the web control panel. It needs to be understood that core objective of web hosting plans is for hosting web applications or websites while the provider may offer facility of email inbox simply as an additional feature.

Such facilities can definitely support bare minimum email requirements of an enterprise. However, for businesses that need to use email as an important medium for business communications, it is better to opt for a dedicated server web hosting plan apart from a regular web hosting package.

Free up email from web hosting for sustained communications

Although it is common for majority of established companies to offer near 100 percent uptime for their web hosting services, you can ensure immunity of your email functionality by separating the same from web hosting. This is ideally achieved by availing dedicated email hosting solution.

Importance of a dedicated IP

Since most of the small and medium businesses prefer to opt for shared hosting plans, it is common to have shared IPs in terms of email and business websites. However one cannot eliminate chances of IP reputation being lowered in case the server IP is found top send spam mails. This will result in a significant impact on your business.

The only credible solution to ensure that reputation of your email IP remains intact is to go for a dedicated email hosting package. In order to overcome all potential problems of a shared IP in shared hosting environment, one should ideally acquire a dedicated IP for web hosting as well as email hosting.

Seamless migration

There are times when one has to switch web hosting provider. The migration of website can be easily executed with help of commands that transfer your databases and website by accessing SSH. However email migration can be delayed on account of availability of technical staff that will implement the process of email migration. Having a dedicated solution individually for web hosting and email hosting can be the right approach for smooth migration of both services.

Saving disk space

While using email functionality provided along with web hosting package, one needs to note that the emails and their attachments are actually using the space meant for websites. By using a separate email hosting plan you will not only make sure that your website is allocated sufficient space but greater cost efficiency as well. This is because availing a dedicated email hosting is more cost effective than an upgrade to a higher plan for larger disk space.

You can protect your email by separating it from web hosting because if you web hosting account is compromised due to a malware or virus attack, the email account will continue to run securely.

How to choose the right email provider

In spite of amazing technological advances in digital communications, email has proved to have stood the test of time. Email continues to act as a strong foundation for business as well as personal communications. This underlines importance of email facility and need for a separate hosting package to make sure that business communications are not hampered. However, one needs to find the right service provider in order to build robust communication functionality. You can choose between an on premise email server and a cloud email server.

Define hosting needs

While choosing an email hosting providers solution, it is essential to properly analyze one’s email hosting needs. This will help you choose the optimum email hosting plan that caters to your communication needs. It is recommended to know some technical aspects of business email hosting prior to your interaction with potential email providers. This will put you in a better position to seek relevant information about email hosting services.

SupportTechnical support

This is an important aspect of a hosting service and the support facility should be available on round the clock basis because any technical issue can crop up at any time. It needs to be confirmed whether the support is being offered by technically proficient experts or not.

Comprehensive email solutions

An ideal email hosting plan should consist of a variety of integrated services including email archival, file syncing, anti-spam services, and mobile compatibility to name just a few. If all these services are being offered by a single provider, it can result in a cost effective solution and it also saves you hassles of adding services in future.

Email provider’s policies in terms of email migration, setup charges, support fees, and on boarding formalities should be studied thoroughly to avoid any surprise elements.

It is always advisable to go for outsourced email hosting rather than setting up an in house facility. This will free you from complexities of email server management and monitoring.

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