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Should You Choose Windows or Linux Hosting?

In a fast-paced economic arena – one single investment slip-up can entail irretrievable losses to a business, taking a toll on its standing, productivity, and outwardly capping the revenue streams. Leading technocrats, CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs always go through a process of understanding, researching, and comparing before heading forth. Remember -the success mantra lies in these steps only. As we all know that setting up a connection with masses has become a mandate for organizations focused on sustainability. Here, web hosting plays a critical role in edging this business’ objective by enabling them to host their applications, and websites on the Information Servers.  Now the question arises – whether to go with Windows or Linux web hosting.

Without getting biased to any one of the operating system based hosting platforms and putting my perception forward – I have tried to explain the pros and cons of both the alternatives:

Windows Web Hosting:

Developed and marketed by Microsoft Windows, it is a meta-family of graphical operating systems. Being the oldest OS, Windows has largest market share with respect to prevailing operating systems. My ip Since its very inception till today – it has released a number of versions of its OS series that includes Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 8, and the recently launched Windows 10.

Windows or Linux HostingPositive Lens

Windows Web hosting offers ease of usage, customization and multi-fold features that make it a standalone alternative for most of the online hosting aspirants, thriving companies, small ventures, and IT behemoths.  A host of applications (See the image 5.1 for clarity) are bound to opt for Windows to function or written predominantly for Windows – in all probability one of the reasons behind worldwide popularity.

Exceptional Features

Windows offers some of the features that no other operating system offers, such as

  •  Windows programmer has the ability to integrate COM objects into web based applications.
  •  With Windows, MSSQL customization & management is swift
  •  Windows Servers are not case sensitive and accept file names in any case

Windows or Linux HostingThought Spectrum

Well, Windows Operating Systems come with exorbitant licensing fee.

Linux Web Hosting – Evolved from UNIX, Linux is also one of the most sought after operating systems, picked by tens of thousands of individuals across various business segments. In line with Windows, some of the applications demand Linux Hosting platform to get installed (See image 5.2). Linux Hosting offers a host of benefits right from cost-efficiency and flexibility to excellent packages including spreadsheets, word processing, and more.Windows or Linux Hosting

Apart from this, Linux Hosting has a centralized location wherein a user can search for, add, or deleted applications.

Exceptional Features

  • Rigorous security checks are executed by NetFronts to ensure security
  • Best platform for PHP, Perl, MySQL, WordPress and all other open source software applications.
  • Easy to customize, fast, & efficient
  • Linux is compatible with POSIX and with an array of application programming interfaces(APIs), great options are available for Linux HostingWindows or Linux Hosting

Thought Spectrum

Linux Operating Systems are case sensitive, for example – ‘File XYZ.htlml’ and ‘File xyz.html’ are the two different files in Linux.

Let’s draw a quick comparison between the Linux & Windows based hosting platform 

Windows or Linux Hosting

Moving ahead, both Linux and Windows operating systems provide a graphical user interface and a command line interface.

Conclude with peace of mind – Listed are a few of the mentioned strengths and use cases of the operating systems that will help you to plunge to an operating system that best suits your core business projects.  Discuss your business specifications in details along with the future applications and support that you might require in approaching years to the technical experts and then only cling to a service provider.

Tips that will certainly help you make sage decision for your business:

According to me, it is really not apposite to quote that Windows based Web hosting is better than Linux hosting platform as both of them share some strengths followed by some ambiguities. All depends on the applications and the priorities that you have charted out for your business standing. On the top of it, it depends on the competency of a web server hosting provider whom you are going to partner with.

Perform insight research about the host, its offerings, networking architecture, security, and technical support to draw full-fledged benefits without compromising on any of the requisite factors.

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