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Web Hosting Issues that Can Kill your SEO

In this technology boosted business milieu, ensuring an online presence has become a de-facto standard for companies struggling to intensify their market value in an effort to twofold their revenue cycles. Seemingly, website hosting is one of the swiftest paths that any business can economically board upon. However, this online journey can turn into an upsetting experience if the web hosting alternative is picked up without fathoming the competencies & ambiguities of a particular option & service provider

Prior we take a plunge to other aspects of web hosting, let me first throw a light on significance of SEO:

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a business-critical website (in terms of content, layout, and design), so that it attracts volume and quality of visitors’ traffic to the site. SEO helps in engaging thousands of customers who use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo with your business’s reach.

Search engine marketing is an effective means for ensuring a proprietary advantage. Not only it helps in expanding business reach, but also enables them to acquire more and more customers from all industry verticals. However, the world of search marketing is becoming competitive and stiffer to master. Gone are the days when practicing keyword stuffing and other simple to implement SEO techniques can make your website rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages). In this regard, creating a power-packed SEO roadmap explicitly tailored to you and your business can contribute to your online success.

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Now, let’s understand how web hosting issues can affect your search engine rankings, and supposedly take a clang on your business sustainability & credibility:Web Hosting India

Snail-paced Website Loading Time: Page loading time is one of the factors that help in improving rankings on search engines and perform better on every front. Delayed or slow responding site leads to page abandonment, weak user engagement, and loss in conversions. Google suggests web-masters to ensure that their web pages get loaded in under a second.  Technically, page loading time is dependent on multiple factors – usage of large-sized images, animation, widgets, inefficient & overloaded hosting, computing resources, and geographical location of your server. Thus, it is important to have required computing resources and CPU speed to service your website complemented with adequate optimization techniques.

Web Server Hosting Services IndiaRe-organizing widgets and utilization of analytic tools can also help you in making the website speed faster.

Service Unavailability: Website downtime can be counted as a tremor for the companies looking forward to grow and thrive. A single minute of downtime can entail crore and even billions of loss to a company. Apparently, it can wreck your SEO efforts. Do you know that search engine spiders keep visiting your website several times in a day? Yes, they do. Now the question arises, how these visits can affect your SEO efforts? When a search engine crawls through your website and discovers it unavailable– they record it and move to the other website. If inaccessibility issues are so frequent, websites get deindexed, and believe me, Google do so.

This in turn, takes your rankings on the search engine

Web Server Hosting India




Here, selecting a web hosting company that offers SLA backed network availability, which shouldn’t be less than 99.95%, is considered as an optimal decision.

Connectivity Commotions: 

You might have across a situation when trying to open a webpage, flashing; ‘internal server error’, or ‘database connection failed’.  This means, that the website has lost the connection with the server, refraining you to open up the requested information or the web page. Possibly, it could be owing to dense traffic surge. Such websites are flagged as unreliable by the search engines.

Selecting a reliable web host with fast-edge servers and uninterruptedly functioning network architecture can help you address the same issue.

Attuned Configurations & IP Address: Sometimes, clients plunge onto a platform that is incompatible to their business requisites, thereby, mounting pressure on them to play around, however within the limitations. This may impact your SEO at a greater extent.

Opting for a host that implements adequate coding and programming language can help you optimize your website performance.

Now let me throw a light on IP address:

If you are hosting your website on a shared web hosting platform, you need to be immensely careful. As you already know, that in shared hosting multiple websites is hosted on a single server with no proper separation. Here is the catch – any nefarious act performed by your neighbor can take a toll on your website, leading to penalization or blacklisting. Thus, be watchful when subscribing to any web hosting account.

The Bottom Line – Confirming that your website is accessible to your customers and free from all the despicable acts – with fastest uploading/downloading speed, adequate computational power, network uptime can help you improve your SEO rankings. If neglected, web hosting issues can kill your SEO attempts.



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