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Using a CDN for Improving Your Google Ranking

Using a CDN for Improving Your Google Ranking

All websites want to have high search engine rankings. The difference between first and second page rankings in Google can be very crucial for your business. To improve your rankings in search engines like Google, a content delivery network may be useful. Using the CDN, you can ensure that your website gets a place in the first page ranking. Factors like reducing overall loading time, bounce rates, accelerating image indexing speeds etc can help you achieve this. In recent studies conducted by SEO expert Brain Dean, the correlation between high Google ranks and website factors was brought to light. Out of these factors, there are three key factors which can be improved immediately through CDNs.

While Google will not take CDN as a factor for ranking different websites, it will however consider its effects. The reason for this is that when a website uses a CDN, its page loading speed is automatically increased, the bounce rate is minimized and it lessens time taken to form a secure connection.


1. Page Loading Speed: This basically refers to how fast a web page can appear on a device that is being used by web surfers. Most viewers will expect websites to load instantly. So, when a site takes very long to come on to the screen, viewers tend to abandon the site. They will navigate instead to web pages which have similar content but which load faster. This means that viewers bounce from the website and move onto other sites. Reports have shown that the search results will increase remarkably even if there is a second’s difference in page loading speed. For that difference of a second in speed, viewership in the experimental sites will reduce by a huge margin. In short, the faster your web pages load, the more viewers you will get.

When you know that a content delivery network can accelerate the page loading speed, you should opt for using it. The CDN basically store cached content in multiple servers distributed all across the globe. So, whenever a user request for some content, the requested content is delivered by the server which is closest to this user. If you are based in UK and the main server is in the US, a CDN will make sure you get the content from the UK edge servers and not the primary server in the US. This reduced latency and accelerates page loading speed.

There are other effective ways to improve the loading speed of web pages. But, the CDN is perhaps the most effective and gives results in the shortest time.


2. Bounce Rate: This indicates the people visiting your website and those that tend to stay on the first page itself. Bounce rate and the web page loading speed are intricately related. Bounce rate will suffer when people coming to your website leave it right afterwards. They do not even interact with the site and move away from the entrance page itself. Bounce rate is also influenced by some other factors like immaterial and unrelated content and faulty designs.

This means that when the page loading speed is enhanced, the bounce rate directly improves. So, indirectly the bounce rate will also help to improve your Google rank. In a New York Times report, it was stated that viewers tend to bounce even before 400 milliseconds are over. These same viewers are more than likely to go to competitor websites which load faster.

When you use a CDN, the bounce rate falls because viewers will typically not abandon the site when it can load fast. Superior content and design will help to attract more viewers and encourage them to interact with the site.


3. HTTPS: This factor shows sites which make content secure during the transit using SSL. While improving HTTPS using a CDN may not be practically possible, you can deploy HTTPS responsibly to load pages quickly. Before the server and clients can exchange application data across TLS or Transport Security Layer, the encrypted channel has to be decided. So, both server and client need to agree on TLS protocol versions. New packet roundtrips between the server and client will be needed for every such step. This results in latency; when you use a CDN, it can terminate this TLS session faster. The TLS and TCP handshake roundtrips take lesser time and latency is significantly reduced. Since Google focuses on its users, it rewards the secure websites in search engine rankings. The company values the need to secure content while in transit since sensitive financial and individual information is sent over the Internet. This content should not get intercepted and compromised by any means.

Using these factors, it is indeed possible to improve your web page rankings in Google. There may be many other factors that are equally effective for improving site rankings, but using a CDN makes your task much simpler and quicker.

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