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Why Good Server Speed is Important for Search Engine Ranking

It has been officially confirmed on the Webmaster central official blog of Google that the performance of your website in terms of the speed of page loading is an aspect that algorithms take into account. This means that the speed at which your page loads can impact your website ranking. That’s why it becomes important to choose a hosting service that offers impressive server speeds if you want to achieve high SEO ranking for your website. Also remember, that a good host may not be able to do great things to your website rankings but a bad hosting service can bring your website ranking plunging down on top search engines.

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The Connection Between Your Hosting Service And Business Prospect

Websites that are quick to load and are highly responsive are far more likely to scale search rankings than the lethargic, slow moving ones because slow loading times can negatively impact user experience. For most search engines, speed of your website loading is a major deal-breaker. Not using the services of a hosting company that provides high quality and fast servers can impact your business prospects in more ways than you think.

Every hosting service provider makes use of different hardware, server code versions, configurations and networks. The quality of these components can make a difference to the way your website and applications load. Reliable hosting services that use sophisticated server systems and hardware can make loading of pages faster. This will ensure an enhanced end-user experience and will give your website rankings a major boost.

Fast Server Speeds Can Enhance User Experience Significantly

Apart from being the key for improved search engine rankings, your server also plays a major role in enhancing user experience. As it helps websites and pages load faster, users will enjoy browsing through the various pages and content and are likely to remain on these pages for an extended period of time. Creating a better experience for users often leads to increased conversions which in turn can be a great revenue earner for your business.

If your website offers content and generates revenue through advertising, a faster loading page can easily help visitors navigate to various pages effortlessly without having to wait for long. This can help in increasing total page views per user and thus boost your SEO quotient.

Choose your hosting service provider with care and also make sure you choose the right website hosting option and plan. If you choose shared hosting, you will be sharing bandwidth with many other websites. This can impact server speed. Dedicated servers are the best as they are available for your exclusive use and hence guarantee highest server speed. However, this option is also the most expensive one. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, you can make the best choice or ask an expert to guide you.

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