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Why An SSL Certificate Is Now Important To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Google recently made an announcement that websites having an SSL certificate can help boost SEO rankings. This announcement has immediately put online marketers in hyperactive mode. It’s not often that marketers get direct SEO tips from Google. But the announcement that secure websites may enjoy a search boost has everyone scampering for SSL certificates.

SSL Certificate

SSL Makes Your Website Fully Secure

With SSL playing a key role in ranking, websites now want to become more secure. SSL certificate has never received the kind of attention that it deserved until the latest Google declaration. For those who are not familiar with SSL, it’s essentially those websites that which have the “HTTPS” stamp. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers and is a security protocol designed to encrypt communication between the web browser of the user and web server. SSL certificate makes it practically impossible for anyone to peek in and access the data that gets transferred between the server and the website.

Websites can use SSL encryption to keep hackers at bay. They will not be able to intercept and misuse the data that may be left on the website by users through resources such as checkout pages, registration forms or contact forms. SSL makes use of public and private encryption keys. Public encryption keys are used to scramble the information, while the private encryption keys are use for decrypting data, making the data available only to those authorized to receive or read it.

You Can Compete On a Level Playing Field

Online marketing professionals put in a lot of time, effort and money to make websites SEO-ready. They build back links and create unique, fresh content for improving website SEO ranking. It may take some time for the efforts to show and the benefits to accrue. However, it the changed circumstances, these websites will be in direct competition with secure websites that already have SSL certifications. That’s why getting one for your website too is imperative to compete on a level playing field.

Once you have an SSL certificate, your website will get a boost up from the biggest SEO ranking masters themselves. Once Google identifies your website as having complied with its SSL certification announcement, the SEO effect your website enjoys will be immediate. It is important to note that Google is not in the business of forcing you to get a security certification or in the process of pushing a specific agenda. It is only concerned with making every website secure and risk-free which will make the World Wide Web a much safer place to do business or conduct other online activities.

It is in the interest of everyone who has an online presence to make cyberspace more secure and thus help in reducing the various crimes that are unleashed on unsuspecting users in an assortment of forms. By acquiring SSL certification, visitors to your website will be encouraged by the fact that they are dealing with a website that’s certified secure. This will automatically ensure better traffic and can improve the visibility of your business to a broader audience.

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