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Right Approach for Evaluation of WordPress and Joomla CMS

Right Approach for Evaluation of WordPress and Joomla CMS

It is not unusual to find websites that are supported by content management systems. In fact, majority of contemporary websites are built by using CMS including WordPress or Joomla. These options help you build exactly the same website that is anticipated by you.

However the decision to select the right CMS for your needs is not as easy as one may think. The main reason for the complexity of choice is availability of a wide array of excellent Content Management Systems. Almost all major CMS solutions bear great resemblance and the swing to a particular site is generally influenced by few differentiating factors, which are quite difficult to fathom for a layperson.

WordPress and Joomla deserve to be compared with each other since these platforms stand out from the rest in terms of popularity and number of websites being powered individually by them. These platforms enjoy fanatical support of their dedicated communities and are highly sought after for building feature rich and modern websites.

Important features of WordPress

In terms of popularity, WordPress is way ahead than all other Content Management Systems. WordPress had humble roots since it began its journey as a blogging platform and subsequently blossomed into a full-fledged, flexible, and high-performance solution for building outstanding sites.

WordPress is also a favorite site builder of beginners due to easy availability of forums and tutorials to help users resolve whatever queries or difficulties they may come across. Let us have a look into some of the most compelling advantages of WordPress.

If you are looking forward to have your site online instantly, then WordPress is a perfect choice due to simplicity of installation. What’s more, many webhosting service providers facilitate single click installs.

Wide spectrum of themes and plugins empower site owners with ease of customizability. There are many free plugins designed by developers, thanks to amazing popularity of WordPress CMS. This can help creation of a website with professional features as well as appearance with practically no expenditure.

There are millions of vibrant communities to help you resolve any issues that may crop up while setting up your website by using WordPress. The support of dedicated communities also extends to the plugins as well as themes being implemented by you.

Key aspects of Joomla

The most important highlight of Joomla is its unflinching support to a myriad of big and significant websites. Whether you wish to build a website for government organization, school, large corporate, or transnational organizations, Joomla has you covered.

In spite of all these features, Joomla has a steep learning curve and is therefore not anybody’s cup of tea. Joomla facilitates creation of a social networking site right from the beginning. The same holds true for building ecommerce sites as Joomla supports ease of building an online store.

Comparison of both CMSs based on vital parameters

Although, Joomla enables creation of keywords for new blogs and setting up of meta-descriptions, the SEO plugin offered by WordPress is way ahead due to its feature rich and intuitive features in comparison with Joomla plugin for SEO.

Evaluation of security parameters

Vulnerability of WordPress to security risks is more due to its high popularity. However, presence of large gamut of themes and multiple plugins for every functionality makes each WordPress install different than the other. This is a unique feature of WP CMS and is also a cause for concern from security standpoint.

There are raised security concerns due to myriad of plugins and themes that cannot be practically as well as individually expected to be compatible with the latest versions.

Joomla has an advantage in this perspective because it offers choice of forcing connections over SSL or two-factor-authentication with its individual set of extensions that is updated by Joomla developers.

Scope of content management

Inherent complexities of both Joomla and WordPress content management systems allows creation as well as management of virtually every type of website that can be thought of.

It has been a well established fact that WordPress offers amazing customizability since there are many plugins and themes. Comparative study of plugins offered by both CMS yields a slight tilt towards WordPress due to its polished themes and plugins.

Hence, in spite of comparable features of plugins and themes, WordPress is known for an enhanced user experience. In addition, one can easily find the right theme or plugin for a given WordPress install.

Joomla hosting is always appreciated for its remarkable complexity unlike WordPress which is known for creation of simple blogs or landing pages. Joomla requires a greater level of coding knowledge due to its complex nature. With WordPress, users can acquire a large number of functionalities with a relatively greater ease than Joomla.

All said and done, the option of using either WordPress or Joomla is influenced by the objectives of a website rather than debating about which one is superior.

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