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Joomla is a CMS or content management system that lets you create websites and online applications. It is user-friendly and comes with multiple attractive features that have made it one of the most popular CMS today. Corporate sites, blogs, smaller websites and sites that demand secure logins prefer to use the Joomla. The Joomla offers a lot of extensibility and allows the site to expand easily.


Benefits of using the Joomla:

  - Since the Joomla has been written entirely in PHP which is the commonly used scripting language, compatibility problems are practically negligible. It allows the user to check the display through preview modes.

  - Joomla can be installed easily within a few minutes.

  - The more recent versions can support sophisticated hierarchies unlike other CMS such as WordPress which have not been designed keeping hierarchies in mind.

  - Joomla also has comparatively more plug-ins and components that guarantee websites greater functionality.

  - Joomla as a tool is not only easy to set up but also simple to learn; it demands little technical knowledge.

  - Joomla also offers multiple development tutorials and tools for the convenience of users. It has huge user-led communities that can offer newcomers tips and valuable advice.

The best part about choosing this CMS is that you can update the web pages yourself with basic word processing skills once you have designed it using Joomla.

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