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Top 5 Reasons You Shall Colocate your Servers in India

Top 5 Reasons You Shall Colocate your Servers in India

Prima facie, colocation services are as good as a commodity because these involve nothing more than a data center that provides connectivity and space to store clients’ servers. Since data centers are available everywhere, choosing a data center based on location need not be a matter of concern, unless of course you dig deeper. We are offering five strong reasons why you should choose a colocation provider from India.

Relevance of India specific location

With a vibrant and rapidly developing economy that is driven by prosperous middle class, India is considered to be one of the fastest developing nations. It is also supported by a well developed IT infrastructure that is backed by encouraging initiatives by the government to boost digitalization. Add to this some of the topmost IT infrastructure providers and their economical services, and you will be convinced about choosing India as you destination for colocating your servers.

While shopping for colocation data centers, proximity of the infrastructure in terms of organization’s office and its target audience is a very vital consideration. This ensures an easy access to your IT staff as well as minimizes latency in terms of page load speeds.

However benefits of India as a location to collocate IT infrastructure go well beyond these preliminary considerations. With an optimum location of a data center, you can expect far better performance of your IT infrastructure especially if you need to exchange huge volumes of data from the enterprise’s primary location to the colocation center.

Better performance of applications

Colocation data centers in India help boost performance of your applications that cater to interactive workloads such as gaming applications, or chat rooms to name a few. Colocation host in India also empowers business continuity by minimizing climatic or power related disruptions.

Majority of India based colocation providers offer their widespread networks of multiple data centers located across India as well at overseas locations to help clients tap into other facilities to boost resiliency of enterprise IT infrastructure.

Colocation providers in India are well equipped to support your expansion plans. There are no constraints regarding availability of additional space or finances to support additional demands of clients.

Ability to support multiple environments

There is more to colocation than using data center facilities for simple stacking or racking of your hardware infrastructure and providing network connectivity for the same. Colocation centers in India are well equipped to empower your IT infrastructure with exceptionally reliable and redundant networking options. Their broad assortment of connectivity options is designed to address requirements of all business partners and customers that are being catered to by users.

Redundancy of network connectivity is possible due to availability of carrier neutral colocation data centers. This a highly critical parameter of Indian data centers that ensures seamless connectivity and also empowers users to choose telecom provider of their choice. State of the art networking capabilities of colocation providers in India are help users achieve outstanding business availability due to incessant uptime.

Broad range of services

One needs to understand the broad meaning of connectivity that also covers inter-connectivity between different IT platforms such as locally operating cloud service providers. Broad range of services offered by Indian providers of colocation facilities is aimed at supporting not just the hardware equipment of customers but also to facilitate the entire IT infrastructure of user organizations.

Indian colocation providers are also capable of offering managed hosting services as well as cloud computing services. These colocation providers can become your partners that allow access to a broad spectrum of hosting services to help you build a high performing infrastructure.

Organizations can leverage ability of Indian colocation providers to support their cloud adoption as well. In spite of growing trend of cloud adoption, colocation hosting will continue to be sought after by organizations as an inseparable part of their infrastructure, even if they embrace cloud computing.

Outstanding capabilities of power and cooling

Colocation centers in India offer SLA backed uptime of 99.99 percent in addition to redundant power and cooling systems. These N+1 redundant system backed by concurrently maintainable resources of power assure outstanding availability of applications. What’s more, users are able to mitigate costs due to billing as per metered power. Thanks to high performance and energy efficient cooling systems put in place by reputed colocation providers in India, users are assured of safety of their hardware. This is further backed by optimum cooling techniques including profile of front and back cooling due to pre3sence of hot and cold aisles.


These are the most vital parameters that must be considered while positioning your servers and other hardware at colocation center. These parameters range from identifying an appropriate location of a data center in terms of region or a country to network integration Colocation services in India have significantly evolved to design custom colocation solutions for clients to support their unique operational dynamics.

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