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Outsourcing Data Center Services is a Blessing for Businesses

The global industry for outsourcing is persistently growing, and the Indian market is expected to witness the monumental growth in approaching years. Customarily, clients have chosen to out-task their data center activities for cost-cutting; however, the focus has now turned beyond capital advantages; emphasis on moving business nearer to its consumers, and encouraging IT to focus on strategic functionalities instead on tactical responsibilities.

But, prior making a count on the benefits of India hosting advantages, let us first unfold the facts that why businesses opt to outsource.

– Outsourcing fosters businesses to better utilize the internal resources to focus on core business functionalities.

– Streamline the business processes and meet compliance requirements

– Provides scalability, flexibility to keep pace with growing demands

– Fosters business continuity and disaster recovery planning

– Provides enhanced utilization of economies of scale and professional expertise

– Low procurement cost with unlimited benefits

– Slashes down the efforts on overhead management

Building a Data Center Facility is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

To build, manage, and maintain a data center facility are typically not the core capabilities of IT experts. Constructing a data center is a challenging task:

Physical Location: When trying to build a data center, several key points need to be considered. The foremost aspect is to decide the location, then check on its availability and cost, proximity to network service providers and connecting links, land acquisition options (buying, leasing), legal approvals regarding the facility space.

Internal Infrastructure: The second major challenge after complete approval of data center facility location is to equip data center with necessary components, such as: Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, power sources, fire suppression and environmental controls, and robust security arrangements.

Experts to Operate: A data center demands consistent monitoring and management activities. Skilled manpower to gauge and maintain power, network connections, ping, servers, and other IT resources are required 24X7X365

Where to Outsource Data Center Services?

Outsourcing data center services to India is an astute decision taken by the businesses. It is one of the most dynamic markets within the Asia pacific region. Lower labor cost, enhanced efficiency with better productivity, excellent IT talent, flexible pricing options, high quality services, and fastest time to market are some of the key features that have made it an ideal outsourcing platform for all the walk of businesses.

Conclusion: Businesses that choose to outsource data center services to India freak out on tangible benefits, such as cost-savings, technological advancements, exposure to best IT talents, and geographical conditions.

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