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Adopt Green Data Center Technologies to Trim Expenses, Save Nature, and Boost Performance

Floating energy costs and rising carbon footprints, staunchly appeals for an effective computing environment, advocating efficient resource management mechanism that minimizes environmental impact and carbon footprint. Increasing business demand pins the data center to be equipped with the resource capacity in a way to cater ongoing requirements that advocates reduced energy consumption, operating costs, and lower tax rates and rebates.

Nevertheless, green data center profoundly manages energy consumption, saving higher business expenses, adding up distinct value to the data center. Below are the outlined data center energy management techniques that help in making your data center – an environment friendly and optimal package.

Renewable Energy: Energy demand is going up with each passing day. It is a key to reduce environmental footprint. Using renewable resources like wind to power your data center cuts down the electricity costs. Many companies have already taken a move to renewable resources, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Storage Check-out: In most of the servers, it has been noticed that some storage units are partially utilized or under-utilized. By keeping a check on the storage unit, the duplicate/unnecessary/old data can be promptly identified, and right decisions can be taken for storage consolidation.

Robust Asset Utilization: There are number of servers in a data center that are unused or idle. Even if the servers are not in use, they consume energy, thus, by untangling the idle equipment, one can save cost, and make use of it in an efficient manner.

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Virtualization: As per the recent reports, virtualization helps in efficient resource utilization. It can be geared up for low-utilization or high energy consuming resources in a well-planned way. Adopting virtualization reduces power consumption; low IT loads, streamlines IT resources, and helps in making efficient use of processing power of the high-power servers.

Data Center Consolidation: Consolidating multiple services into few servers, maximum network uptime, premium bandwidth, original servers and lowest website load time helps in slashing data center expenses along with energy consumption.

Low-energy Servers: Low-power consuming servers are gaining momentum these days for cost-saving improvements. The server chips based on low-power technique draw less electricity and can work more efficiently, slashing down costs on electricity with higher utilization rates. Companies, like Intel, HP, and Dell have already launched low-energy alternatives.

Natural Air Cooling: Cooling data center facilities by supplying natural air instead of running high power consuming refrigeration or air-conditioning unit’s increases efficiency and reduces power consumption. Electrically Commutated fans deliver higher efficiency than AC motor & belt-driven fans.

Going green helps data center rack in gaining sustainability, operational benefits, and off course a ‘feel good attitude’ as you are helping your environment with reduced carbon emissions.

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