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Server Virtualization is Acting as a Beacon For SMBs to Bloom

Turning heads towards virtualization is not a new episode. Roots are intensely deep-seated, since the provenance of mainframes. The fundamental notion of this technology is to centralize administrative chores to enhance scalability and comprehensive hardware-resource utilization. It allows running various operating systems in parallel on a single Central Processing Unit (CPU).

For SMBs (small and mid-market businesses), virtualization has shown good signs to improvise the way their businesses deliver IT. As per the recent study, SMB’s have improvised their business processes, security management, ROI, along with reduced operational expenses.

A major shift to virtualization and cloud initiatives has been noticed in small and mid-market businesses to make best of their resources (with limited budget), and to matchup the pace with its competitors. Server virtualization is unceasingly leveraging businesses to make terrific use of under-utilized resources, such as storage, memory, IT professionals, and so on. Moreover, it gives:

– Businesses to attain agility, and faster time to market

– Upgraded with evolving trends to address rising demands

– Better control and management of the business operations

– Provides maximum uptime for business applications

– Reduces costs on OS and application maintenance

-Expeditious and simple scalability with moderate budget and resources

-Accelerates to achieve set goals

Cost-Effective: Server Virtualization is also a cost-effective method to host multiple applications on fewer physical hosts, which ultimately reduces overhead costs. It has changed the way the applications are delivered to the users, such as desktop virtualization that allows creating several desktop templates, which can be then saved from a main server to thin and other client systems.

Proactive Resource Management: On the other hand, virtualization has enabled IT to be proactive in order to chart out resource utilization, improvise disaster recovery processes, and capacity planning to meet growing business demands. This helps in reducing failure rate as proactive maintenance will strike off the risks before they land.

SMBs are leveraging virtualization to bolster their product offerings and to tap into new markets. Conversely, it improvises security, fastens up the resource provisioning, and slashes down management and support costs.

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