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Why Not to Choose Free Web Hosting Solution for Your Business ?

Are you wondering about which hosting solution to discard – free web hosting or the Paid one? Umpteen ‘freebies’ are available on the web, which might distract your attention. However, if this is the matter of your business repute, security, and performance; an astute analysis is mandatory. Often, I have seen people and even my neighbors running after FREE products or services, and lauding the companies who have made free products accessible to them. At one point of time, even I was a ‘crazy bee’ to catch the same. But, with the passage of time, things have changed drastically.

Here, I have outlined major pointers which you must consider before you ride the horse:

Advertising: Some companies offer pseudo-free web hosting, which means they will not charge a single penny from you, however they will place ads on your website. This is the way free hosts make money. In free web hosting, you don’t have any control over the ads on your website. Your free hosts can use your web page for products, RSS feeds or Adsense. However, when you opt for paid hosting, you don’t have to be worried for unwanted ads on your website. Moreover, you can earn money by putting your own advertisement.

Look & Feel: When you use free web hosting services, your website doesn’t give a professional impression to your visitors. While, a professional paid hosting service will help you in attaining brand value for your business.

Custom Error Pages – Free web hosting doesn’t give permission to use custom error pages. Custom error pages are used to guide the visitors that there are some errors. Whereas, with the paid hosting you can direct the users as what they are looking for.

   For example – A 404 error is shown when a page is not found.

Shorter Life Span: Free web hosting services are not long lasting. At, any point of time they can back off, and you can’t hold them responsible for inconsistency. A hottest example is of Yahoo, when it decided to shut down its 360 service and GeoCities free web hosting service. While, paid hosting services are long lasting.

 – Bandwidth Caps: Free web hosting services offer limited bandwidth. In case, if your website receives high traffic surge, a low bandwidth can make your online journey rotten. Paid hosting will be a better option to manage your website traffic.

 –Support: Free web hosting does not always provide reliable or consistent support. At the time of difficulty, you might have to seek external help. Whereas, paid hosting services offers reliable support to address the queries of the customers.

 – Limited Features: It is quite frustrating wherein your requirement for additional features becomes a necessity, and unfortunately the free host doesn’t provide that, such as advanced options for MySQL databases.

Keeping in mind speed, bandwidth, amount of space, scripting, reliability, ads, etc, you can make staunching decisions for your online business.

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