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Drive Your Brand With Zimbra Unified Collaboration Solution

Businesses and consumer service providers across the globe are switching to Zimbra’s open and unified collaboration solution. It delivers ideal customer engagement as well as provides scope to expand profit margins. Zimbra is built on an open architecture; so incorporating it means a seamless integration and compliance of all existing solutions and infrastructure. As a result, the company gets to experience extensibility upon certain existing partner-built integrations.

Zimbra’s open and unified collaboration email hosting solution is a popular corporate email service. It comprises of calendar, contacts, tasks, private and exclusive backup systems, shared documents, instant messages and lots more. So every single user can leverage message recovery in the inbox.

A few basic advantages of Zimbra Email Hosting are as follows:

  • It is built on an open architecture thereby offering a competitive total cost of ownership
  • Zimbra can be deployed in a private cloud through a global network of service providers
  • With it you can leverage the transparency of open source by staying connected via this business-class email file sharing
  • Zimbra email service is compatible with smartphone as well as with Outlook (Microsoft Exchange)
  • One can make use of tools to set mobile security policies and device-management features on user accounts
  • With it, you can extend collaboration by making use of Zimlets. Such open APIs help you to connect with applications such as CRM from Salesforce and quite a few unified communications
  • Your business can leverage an extra layer of security by making use of third-party integration (Mailguard) through Zimbra open framework
  • It ensures high availability because of the implementation of career-grade collaboration thereby avoiding downtime

Thus, Zimbra ensures data privacy and high levels of security upon your communication system. It’s open platform is reinforced with security features which is further integrated with popular 3rd party security applications. In addition, Zimbra Email Hosting employs a scalable deployment model which safeguards privacy for both mid-sized and large telecoms.

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