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Seamlessly Shuttle Workload Between Public and Private Cloud

There has been a lot of hype about hybrid cloud in recent past. According to the industry pundits, the advent of this platform of cloud has added a new paradigm to the IT industry.

Typically, hybrid architecture proposes only to move certain critical business applications to the cloud. For instance, there are some vendors who provide web front-end on their web services and all backend transactions are placed in an on-premise data center. This has been a completely new wave wherein data is separated from the applications and multiple applications are run from multiple cloud hosting vendors sites against a shared data source that can be positioned in an organization’s data center.

It has definitely created apprehension in the mind of cloud users. The segregation of data from applications and then putting half in the cloud would be a right decision as the latency and security problems will create problems.

This is not true as the segregation of data from application is nothing new; as this process is followed by most of the data centers today. Nevertheless, they typically deliver high-speed links between the two to circumvent latency, and, since it is all securely veiled in data center, protection is less of a matter of concern.

New technologies and different cost models, however, enabling different vendors to offer an alternative to proficiently connect services over the public Internet. One contributing factor is the capability to get highly economical, ultra-fast network connectivity from cloud vendor sites to data centers, of adequate quality to abate latency and ensure superior performance.

New strategies are needed to implement so as to ensure safe shifting of workloads between public and private cloud hosting. Therefore, it is highly recommended to ensure beforehand, because hybrid means reconsidering how you smartly deal with compliance, identity, network connectivity aspects, and more.

For IT organizations, there are certain key things to consider while deciding whether this model is apt for their business or not. Let’s have a quick glance at some of the key considerations:

Security provision: Earlier, data used to move only within the firewall secured environment, however now it is shuttling over a network, between multiple cloud locations. And, keeping critical information secure while in transit and sorting out access-control quandaries will be crucial. You need to consider resolution of compliance glitches, such as data encryption before it goes over the network and ensuring warily that data doesn’t move outside the appropriate geographic boundaries, before provisioning any new connections.

Network bandwidth and performance: Network overall performance level completely depends on the application sensitivity to latency. And, this can even eliminate any savings that an enterprise might have gained while moving critical application to cloud. Therefore, try to how much SLA is being promised to you before taking up the services. Plus, try to enquire about the monitoring tools used by the vendor. It’s predominantly significant to look not just at the network specifications but also the real-world that is end-to-end performance.

Disaster Recovery/Business continuity: There are undoubtedly numerous things that could go astray unexpectedly. And, the probability of this has increased exponentially. Moreover, conceptualization of concrete recovery plans has become more intricate. Mapping and readiness for unexpected disaster situations prior is crucial for businesses irrespective of shape and size. Anything can happen, right from power outrage to natural calamities hence it is wise to stay prepared at the onset, rather than scrambling along with everyone else affected if a network connection is wedged. Proper DR and business continuity has become the need of the hour. Don’t overlook it and stay safe.

In a nutshell, choose the right cloud partner and experience smooth hybrid cloud hosting journey.

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