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Why do you need Advanced Linux VPS Technology

Most of the times, a website outgrows the standards of shared hosting accounts. Sometimes such a site needs to be pushed further with extra features of its own server. This is when the need for a VPS server steps in. While the market is flooded with VPS server choices, a major advantage of using a Linux VPS server hosting is the price point.

Most Linux VPS servers are affordable and interestingly enough, they offer the same functionality as dedicated servers. Besides, you need not pay for physical hardware or spend on its maintenance.

While choosing a server for your business, make sure that you stick with a Linux OS. After all, a Windows OS will be pricier because licenses for the Windows operating system and the software are more expensive than the Linux versions.

Your enterprise can make use of a Managed Linux VPS because providers render 24×7 technical support. This is an advantage over unmanaged servers and you can also avail assistance during server setup. In case of desktop machines, a Linux server wards of viruses unlike a Windows desktop that can easily be corrupted by malware. So the crux remains that Linux Virtual Servers are less likely to encounter virus related problems.

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Additionally, software language that runs on the server is also a critical aspect that can guide you while selecting a VPS host. In case you want to run a PHP website, Linux VPS Hosting is advisable. It would ideally make use of a MySQL database which is a robust RDBMS technology.

The only catch that remains is that Linux users need to have more hands-on practice with the OS. Apart from this steep learning curve, Linux VPS has almost negligible drawbacks. Yes, you will not be able to access a remote desktop utility on it but the same can be added with specific software. In case you are looking for a good hosting service, it is time to go with Linux VPS Hosting for it is pocket-friendly and virus protected.

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