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What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Windows VPS Hosting Over Other Hosting Solutions

If your website has grown in size in recent times and unable to meet the traffic surge efficiently, it is time to move away from shared hosting to VPS or virtual private server hosting. In VPS hosting, many websites are hosted on a single large server but it is different from shared hosting as each website operates independently and in an isolated environment giving users full control over server operations. VPS hosting comes with a better level of security and offers features that ensure enhanced efficiency.

There are two types of VPS hosting solutions available –

Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

Windows VPS hosting refers to the virtual private server hosting powered by Windows operating system, tools and technology. It is more popular than Linux because Windows has unrivaled experience in this domain and has been catering to the changing demands of users by upgrading its technology regularly and using innovative solutions to meet the growing challenges.

What Makes Windows VPS Hosting Popular

Windows VPS hosting is powered by advanced software systems yet it is regarded as one of the most user-friendly hosting solutions. You need not be an IT expert to understand the working of the VPS hosting. The hosting system offers some highly valuable features that make server management and maintenance easy even for inexperienced users.

For companies operating in a strictly Windows technology environment, Windows VPS hosting can significantly enhance efficiency of operations. They can accomplish a wider range of tasks by using the specialized software systems offered by Windows. If your business has been using Microsoft systems and tools for managing all the key business operations, then Windows VPS hosting is the best option for managing your server. Those who are familiar with Windows Operating System will find working on Windows VPS hosting system easy and comfortable.

The Features Of Windows VPS Hosting

When you choose a reliable and reputed Windows VPS hosting service, you can enjoy a host of benefits such as free installations and quick deployment. Other features are:

• Full core access to manage the virtual private server
• You can shutdown, boot, reboot the server independently
• Hyper-V technology of Microsoft can be used for engineering a virtualized platform
• You can get a unique IP addresses and RAM

With the best VPS Windows hosting service, you can also get regular backups with remote support through a team of experts. You can customize the features to any extent needed to match the specific needs of your business or hosting. The features can be tweaked to match future demands and requirements as well.

High On Reliability

When you choose Windows VPS hosting from a reliable server host, you can be sure of getting the best level of security for your data and system. Windows tools are designed to deliver the highest level of protection from attacks and unauthorized access to your vital personal and business data.

Windows VPS hosting services are generally configured beforehand to ensure that your critical applications performance efficiently and smoothly.

With Windows VPS Hosting services you can:

• Boot, reboot and shutdown your server without affecting the operation of other users on the same VPS system
• Check a check on status and disc usage
• Get high uptime for business critical applications
• Enjoy high network connectivity (99.5% is regarded as gold standard of network connectivity)
• Rest assured that there will be no unauthorized access to vital business data
• Enjoy high flexibility and scalability
• Run your server and all related applications in a cost-effective manner and save money

Most server hosting companies will offer different versions of operating systems when you choose Windows VPS hosting. It is important to note that Windows server is available in different versions with a number of features. You may need just a handful of them for smooth management and maintenance of your website and applications. Top service providers will be able to guide you in making the right choice of features and provide a customized VPS hosting plan that incorporates the tools and technology that you need while removing the other not-so-useful ones.

Enterprise editions of Windows servers for VPS are also available and they can also be tweaked to meet the demands of your website and application running on the server.

Almost all types of enterprises across diverse industry sectors can use Windows VPS hosting and run their online business smoothly and successfully. In fact, if you are planning to move from shared to VPS hosting, Windows VPS is the perfect choice according to many top server hosting experts.

More and more applications are being added to the VPS hosting system by Windows on a regular basis which automatically enhanced the flexibility, scalability and ease of use of this system. The best part is that all these benefits come with all VPS hosting plans from Windows, making it one of the most cost-effective ways of hosting your server.


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