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Reviewing Major Attributes of Dedicated and VPS Hosting

There are three basic types of traditional hosting including dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting. Considering all important parameters of hosting such as performance, customizability and price, we can position shared hosting on the lowest rung of the web hosting ladder.

If you are looking for a superior option than shared hosting in terms of the parameters mentioned above, then dedicated server and VPS hosting are two straightforward options. Dedicated and VPS hosting offer wide range of choices to users, thereby adding to confusion of choosing the right alternative.

Let us therefore individually focus on each of the obvious options including dedicated and VPS hosting for better clarity of choice.

Dedicated server for premium attributes

If you need the most powerful and the fastest server for your web venture, then dedicated server is a clear winner. Dedicated server truly deserves the topmost rung of the ladder as far as criteria of price, performance, and customizability are concerned. However in reality a high end VPS can easily score over a dedicated server offering an average performance in terms of performance.

You can list few distinct advantages of dedicated server over VPS hosting that are possibly not available in VPS environment. The most compelling benefit of dedicated server is the extent of control it offers to its user. You can implement full customization of your dedicated server and can reboot as and when required by you.

It is observed that even if the software application is to be procured off the shelf hosting service providers do not allow installation and running of extra software unlike dedicated servers. You have unlimited freedom to install applications of your choice on dedicated server. Many providers are not in favor of allowing hundred percent freedom to users of VPS hosting as far as controlling VPS hosting environment.

Dedicated servers are also found to have an upper hand in terms of hardware. Since users of VPS hosting are operating in a multi-tenant environment, they are required to share hardware resources. On the contrary, dedicated server resources including hard disk, memory, CPU power, and access to network are entirely meant to be used by its only user. This leads to amazing predictability of results, which can be a great advantage for ecommerce sites or websites that are designed for monetization.

Reviewing features of VPS hosting

Virtual private server is an entirely different ball game. Unlike a dedicated server that exists for a single user in the form of a standalone physical server with all its resources included, a VPS server is more complex. You can have number of virtual private servers in a single server. VPS hosting is designed by partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual servers in such a way that every virtual server has its own hard disk space, CPU power and RAM. In addition to this, users are allowed to choose between Linux and Windows operating systems for running VPS instances.

The major difference between VPS and shared hosting is the availability of dedicated resources and control in VPS environment even if it is a multi-tenant arrangement similar to shared hosting. Additionally, there are several restrictions in terms of adding applications or firewalls to secure your site in shared hosting.

In a VPS environment users are aware of the amount of dedicated resources allocated to them, unlike shared hosting. You can even expect some reputed providers allowing bursting of resources during traffic spikes.

Users of VPS hosting are able to enjoy many more advantages over shared hosting including server reboot, installation of desired software, and much more. It is strongly recommended to assess the quality and specifications of hardware instead of jut believing in what is being told. It would be prudent to ask about the freedom of migration to higher plans without impacting the online presence of website. You need to attach lot of significance to downtime, since it can affect your bottom-line.

VPS hosting as a forerunner of cloud

By opting for a VPS hosting solution, you are essentially gaining access to a virtualized machine that is independently accessible only to you as a user. In addition to Joomla or WordPress, you can think of enjoying greater controls over server environment. It is an excellent option for greater control on hosting environment. A combination of VPS hosting and Linux operating system can prove to be a highly stable and secure model for hosting your mission critical applications.

VPS hosting supports your website with a committed amount of resources that are nit interfered with by neighbors. It is advisable to study VPS plans before finalizing because there are variety of VPS packages that fifer in terms of hardware resources. If the website is expected to handle workloads of low density, then even a single node of memory can suffice. VPS hosting is the right and more affordable alternative than dedicated server hosting if you are able to identify the right provider.

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