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Harnessing Power of Hues to Empower Your Brand Image

There are multiple ways to comprehend correlation of color and business. The relationship between colors and business is much more than those who are immersed in everything that has something to do with colors such as professional artists, designers, and stylists.

Implications of colors for brand building

In terms of its impact on branding and many more aspects of marketing, there is more to colors than meets the eye. There are reliable references that mention about huge influence of colors on brand recognition being a whopping 80 per cent. It is therefore, no wonder that 85 per cent of responders accepted that color is the basic driving force behind purchasing decisions.

No sooner than Apple offered a dazzlingly colorful product range in the year 1998, its sales rocketed through the rooftop. The campaign that signaled introduction of colorful Apple brands that were sold only as beige colored products read ‘It doesn’t have to be beige!’ inspired buyers to go for Apple iMacs.

These were up for grabs in almost every hue including, Blue Dalmatian, Bondi Blue, Flower Power, Strawberry, Sage Snow, Tangerine, Indigo, Grape, Ruby, Line, Graphite, and Blue Berry.  The riot of colors transformed the sales picture of Apple iMac with 278000 units sold in six weeks flat.

Colors have great potential to influence website visitors. They convey a plethora of emotions and are used by enterprises to impress customers’ minds by carefully selecting color schemes for designing brands, websites. Bloggers can also reap multiple benefits of colors for conveying their feelings to readers.

You may exploit different dimensions of colors by reading the following well-researched information about different colors of rainbow and their effects.

Youthful red

Red is full of life and conveys feelings of youthfulness and vibrancy. It also signifies a winning attitude and used by gymnasts and athletes to gain a competitive advantage over opponents. Shades of red are used by Netflix, Virgin, Lego, and Target to attract potential customers. Red also conveys the spirit of winnings and is aptly recognized as color of winners. Red has potential for provocation and is energetic color.

Reference to this color would be incomplete if we missed the shades of ruby that are known to be associated with hunger. No wonder, so many food majors including KFC and Coke have made this color an inseparable part of branding. The food chains of KFC are almost bathed in red.

Happy orange

Orange denotes happiness and also promotes cheerfulness as well as boldness. It is for the same reason orange is the chosen color by Amazon, the largest online retail shop. Cheerful orange is also appreciated to convey boldness and playfulness. Orange has remarkable ability to instill confidence in customers about the brand. Most of the brands that are promoted to encourage fun and frolic use this hue, including Shutterfly, Cush, and Nickelodeon.

Warm Yellow

Yellow equates feelings of warmth and denotes sunshine. It also encourages optimistic feelings and is a perfect color for conveying cheerful spirit of brands such as IKEA, National Geographic, and Sprint, to name a few. Although yellow is the least preferred brand across the globe, it does find its deserving place in McDonalds or In-N-Out Burger in association with red.

Fresh and Healthy Green

Many food brands use green as the color to highlight health benefits such as Tropicana and Whole Foods. It has also potential to reflect peace and freshness. In addition to this, different shades of green are also widely used to support status, luxury and affluence. Prestigious brands of cars, financial institutions including Land Rover, Mint, and Fidelity bank on dark green for the same reasons.

According to a recently conducted research by German scientists to gauge effect of green to encourage spirit of invention and creativity, it was established that the color encouraged participants to produce highly creative work.

Believe in Blue

Blue conveys security, trustworthiness and loyalty. It is for the same reason this hue is the used by one third of businesses globally. It coveys significant value and used by institutions that are engaged in payments including American Express, Bank of America, PayPal, and so forth. More importantly, blue underlines accountability and robustness. These characteristic of blue are effectively implemented by Dell, Oral B, Lowes, and HP. The dominant blue enjoys approval of both sexes.

Astuteness of Violet 

Purple denotes intelligence and superiority. Therefore so many educational entities are using this color as well as multiple shades of violet to convey wisdom and cleverness.

Earthy Brown

Brown is naturally down to earth and is the preferred hue of consumers that are practical in nature. It is also a favorite color of many a brands of coffee including Seattle Coffee, Coffee Boxx, and Mr. Coffee. Brown has been made popular by its mention in logo of the world’s favorite delivery service UPS, that says ‘what can brown do for you’. It highlights reliability in spite of its rebranding.

Timeless Black and White

If we dare to consider these as part of our color spectrum, then we must appreciate eternity of black and white. These are reserved for brands that are ageless. You can confirm this by looking at the logos of Apple, Nike, and New York Times just to name a few. The simplistic and upfront combination of black and white exudes class and professionalism.


The above guidelines are meant only for a general appreciation of different hues. All said and done, your own intuition and customer research cannot be undermined. Use these principles to unleash the true spirit of your brands as envisaged by you. After all, your brands are your children and nobody understands them better than you.

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