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VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Detailed Comparison of VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Though there are more types of hosting other than the two we are going to discuss in this write-up, most of the website owners get confused to choose between these two while switching from shared hosting. So, to help them come up with the right decision, we have explained the differences between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting in detail in this write-up.

Basic Difference

The definition of both hosting types will provide you with the basic difference between them.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, multiple websites use the same server, however, they have separate resources assigned to them. In case a user needs more than the allocated resources, he can use the hypervisor to borrow resources from other users on the same server. It’s an economical option for websites that need to handle loads of traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, the users get a separate server for them and have full control to choose their resource limits. It’s good for medium and large business websites that are still growing.

Resource Allocation

VPS hosting requires you to share the resources with other users, however, no user can take up the resources if you are using them.

On the other hand, in dedicated hosting, you have your own server which can be small or big depending on your needs. It means you have 100% access over the server and the resources. And you don’t need to rely on other users for resource allocation.


With VPS hosting, security is like living in a block of flats. Even if your door is locked, you may be at risk when someone else’s door is open. Though they need entry to your flat, still you are at risk.

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While dedicated hosting is like having your own house. No doubt it can also be broken into, but there is no risk due to the carelessness of others.

You can install your own security software with both types of hosting.


Both Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS servers allow you to choose your resource limits and upgrade them whenever required. So, there is not much difference. However, in VPS hosting, you need to rely on others for the availability of resources.


With VPS hosting, you will have the choice to expand the plan but you can’t expand it to a higher level as you have to share the server with users and even the availability of more resources depends on whether the resources are available or not.

On the contrary, in a dedicated server, there is no limit to scale. You can have resources, security and performance levels as per your needs.


The last but not least comparison is of the price. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting but you get the best level of hosting you need to keep your website running at its best.

VPS hosting plans are available at nice prices ranges and you can choose from different tiers of plans as per your needs.

Considering the above-mentioned differences, it’s clear that dedicated hosting is a good choice over VPS hosting if you want the highest level of performance for your website and have enough budget.


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