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Key Considerations for Effective Email Marketing Strategy

It is ridiculous to claim that email is on the verge of dying. In fact, it is one of the oldest and the most consistently evolving mediums of electronic communications. It is also regarded as the topmost direct channel of communication based on its daily use. No wonder, email is not only preferred for personal but also for business related communications.

The major attributes of email’s growing popularity are its flexibility and universal acceptance. It is also backed by the modern internet users who using their smart phones and tablets to communicate by using email as the medium of communications.

Large chunk of marketers have agreed that purpose of their email marketing campaigns is to deliver the right kind of content. The ideal email marketing strategy must begin with building the right list and should involve data management and many more important parameters for assured revenue generation. These parameters are individually explained in this article.

Create a strategy for acquisition

It should not be difficult for you to analyze the places that are being used by your customers for connecting with your brand. This can be followed by understanding ways to improve their experiences and use of advanced techniques and tools to boost interactive engagement. If you are employing acquisition forms, then make sure that these are optimized for mobiles so that you do not stand to lose out on your opt-ins.

Importance of mobile optimization

Lack of mobile optimization can be highly detrimental for your email marketing strategy. One of the surveys has pointed out that more than sixty percent US based consumers instantly delete email messages that are not optimized for mobiles. If you are able to present a nicely optimized welcome email fir their trendy mobile screens, then you have won half the battle. It will improve your subscriber’s confidence about an enhanced experience with your brand marketing strategy.

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Maintain relevance of the data

It is important to analyze the contents of your communications in terms of their relevance according to variety of parameters related to the target audience including locations, genders and so forth. This will help enhancement of subscriber experience. You also need to prevent pouring of the same promotional information on email as well as on social media. It must be noted that your audience is always looking for variety of information on different channels.

Personalized approach for email communications

Personalized messages are always appreciated by those readers who are already connected with you on social media channels. It is easy to obtain information on browsing history of audience on your website and the same can be used to design personalized messages that are injected with pointed recommendations. It is found that individualized messages improve click through rates by up to 35 per cent and sales conversion rates by as high as 25 percent.

Improved accessibility on multiple channels

You can improve consumer channel preferences by the ability of email archiving and accessing messages at some other time. Thanks to the advanced technology, almost all features of desktop messaging are available on tablets and smartphones. This facilitates parking of messages by consumers for later day reading to access some of the enhanced features of desktops such as larger screens, full function keyboards, and much better internet accessibility. Email has an amazing versatility of connecting with a plethora of internet accessing devices including desktops, smartphones and tabs.

Permission marketing

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As per Seth Godin who happens to be the most celebrated online marketers, one must seek permission of readers before mailing them information that is actually being sought after by them. It might sound queer, but that is how it is. You may be tempted to think about the permission as part of some kind of internet etiquettes. In fact, it is the most subtle recognition of the fact that consumers have the right to refuse marketing campaigns being directed at them. This underlines the reason why brands need to gain permission of sending emails by customers. If you have succeeded in obtaining the permission, then the subsequent stages personalization and building the data in association with the consumer are easy.

Email boost deals

Email communication is considered as the most effective medium for pushing across deals to consumers. People seldom miss deals that are delivered in their inboxes than the ones that are offered via Facebook. Ideally, you should leverage social networks to spread the awareness about deals and use email communications to actually break the ice.

Don’t ignore the private endorsers

In the vast ocean of market, the population of consumers who are active on social channels can be considered only as tips of icebergs. The majority of consumers remain silent and difficult to access via routine communication channels. These are the private and introvert consumers who can wield greater influence on other consumers than the users of Tweeter, Facebook, and most of the popular social channels. They can be reached via email communications.

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Focus on abandoned carts

Abandoned carts must be analyzed in terms of frequency and the typical purchase window of the items. Emails related to abandoned carts need to be sent immediately to follow up on the customers.

Automation of follow-up emails after purchases

Interactive marketing is all about customer experience, a vibrant website, and robust email communications. Ensure that follow up mails are programmed to be sent with right frequency to customers who have obliged you by making purchases.

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