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Is Email Hosting A Viable Option For SMBs

Emails have played a pivotal role in bringing the world closer. Undeniably, the evolution of emails has surpassed the challenges encountered by traditional communication medium making it more advanced and agile. Businesses are leveraging email solution for their internal and external communication process. Facts reveal, when SMBs move from web-based and POP3 email to advanced email hosting solutions, they gain better revenue opportunities while slashing down the total cost of operations.

Now let me take you through some of the pointers, which will help you depict the benefits of having hosted email services:

  • Performance-driven: Professional email hosting solutions are packed with numerous rich attributes, which boost performance. The email server is consistently monitored and maintained by the professionals, including timely updates.
  • Cost-effective: With email hosting solutions, SMBs do not have to worry about the deployment of complex in-house messaging systems. The server is comprehensively maintained at hosting provider’s end, therefore, saving SMBs investment on server deployment and resource hiring.
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam: The email server is protected against all the e-threats, such as: virus, Trojans, spyware and other malicious applications, thus giving SMB’s to focus more on core-competencies. Additionally, the spam management clubbed with storage and archiving  all becomes service provider’s job responsibility.
  • Address Book: Hosted email solutions are offered with address book that allows creating global contact lists, which your organization can refer to in an efficient and most convenient way.
  • Storage Capacity: The major benefits of hosted email when compared to in-house email solution is that it provides customized storage space as per the specific user requirement.

For SMBs, hosted email solutions offer faster time to innovate and change, ensuring that their email server remains unaffected from vulnerabilities. Besides it guarantees maximum server uptime that ascertain that you stay connecte d with your clients, employees and partners round the clock.

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