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Is Cloud Hosting a Better Option Than Shared Hosting?

The world of web hosting has changed the face of traditional business strategies. Be it a small set-up company or a global giant, web hosting services have immense importance for all. The ease and convenience of reaching to global market is making the hosting solutions more demanding every day. Significantly, with strong online presence, your business gain competitive edge over your competitors, more customers, and better ROI. Plethora of web hosting solutions are available over the Internet, rendering services to diverse business verticals. However, many of the entrepreneurs find them in a mystifying situation when deciding which hosting solution will deem fit for their business. The emergence of latest in technology – cloud hosting – is also one of the major factors for creating perplexity.

Let me quickly take you through some of the prominent characteristics of cloud hosting that set it apart from shared hosting environment.

Scalability: Cloud hosting offers higher scalability than shared hosting does. You can quickly add resources, such as CPU, bandwidth, storage space, RAM, etc. with cloud hosting. Whereas, with shared hosting you need to upgrade your shared account to VPS or dedicated server at the time of need.

Resources: Shared hosting account provides client with limited resources, such as RAM, bandwidth, and CPU. And, in case if any of the neighbors website eats more bandwidth or CPU, all the sites on a shared server will face the consequences. With cloud hosting you don’t have to bother yourself – the cloud will automatically allocate your website with the necessary requirements and will disseminate the workload to multiple servers in the cluster.

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Price: Shared host is one of the cost-effective solutions among the entire available web hosting options, like VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting is the latest in technology and how it sets it apart from shared hosting is – by offering ‘pay as you go’ option. You just have to pay for what you have utilized.

Besides, cloud hosting is more secure when compared to shared hosting services.

The above- mentioned features are self-explanatory to comprehend the potential of cloud hosting over shared hosting solutions. Switch to cloud hosting to leverage its unmatched potential.

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