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Exploiting Potential of Emails to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Blog

We must appreciate that email is the most established direct channel for communication and is growing in terms of popularity in spite of amazing technological advances in various modes of communications. The popularity of email has been further boosted, thanks to mobile optimization and other new features that are constantly being added to email’s armamentarium.

If you as a blogger are not leveraging this fascinating medium for communication, then there are all chances that you are not able to command the readership that your blog deserves.

Email marketing is regarded as the most efficient method of establishing one to one communication channel with your readers or customers in spite of advent of a plethora of social marketing channels. In fact, you can leverage these modern social platforms to build a fantastic list by means of RSS feeds, opt-in pop-ups, and social contests. Subsequently you can create engaging email content to usher hordes of traffic to your blog.

Getting email leads by leveraging social media campaigns

There are all chances that you have been actively hosting social campaigns such as sweepstakes and contests just like so many modern business houses. While hosting your sweepstakes or social contests on your blog or on social media platforms including Tweeter or Facebook do not forget to solicit email addresses of contestants.

The email address can be used as a condition to enter the contest. This will help you build a robust list of email contacts to drive your email campaigns forward. Additionally, you can also leverage referral campaigns to motivate your readers to rope in their contacts for enhancing your email list. Needless to mention, these customers should be offered some incentives in the form of coupons or other deals.

Creative ways to generate social emails 

You can explore wide array of obtaining emails via social platforms, such as linking your blog with all social media profiles or posting email-gated content such as coupons, contests, e-books and so forth. Creating a Facebook tab in order to signup via email and then incentivizing the same with cool offers also helps. You may also include links to your blog in bio or social sections of social sites.

Setting up RSS feeds for your blog

If you are using some of the most popular platforms such as WordPress, then it is breeze to setup RSS subscription button on your blog site to facilitate individuals who visit your site with an ease of keeping in touch.

These buttons can be made to look distinctive by using contrast colors and positioning them near the top section of your blog page. You need to encourage people by justifying their action of signing up and using a simple and motivating language.

Adding opt-in pop-ups

In spite of their slightly annoying nature, pop-ups continue to be used by all categories of sites including simple bloggers to large business houses only due to the fact that work nicely.

Effective implementation of pop-ups can be done by selecting the right positioning and leveraging and optimized pop-up builder tool. Sprinkle your reasons for signing up for newsletters by using catchy words such as ‘exclusive content’ or ‘free’. Your visitors need to be offered description of benefits of using your stuff in their lives and also in their businesses.

Employ email for obtaining email

Your own email account is your wonderful resource to generate emails. Your email signature has the potential for inviting contacts to pay visit to your blog. In order to make large number of people click through your blog include a friendly call to action right into your email signature. Offer a user friendly click link by giving a short account of benefit for motivating action.

Encouraging people to read your mails

Even if you have built an enviable email list, one cannot guarantee that people will read your emails. You should note that email inboxes are usually saturated with mails just like your own inbox. This underlines need to command attention by improving your email’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

Significance of a strong subject line

Your email’s subject line decides the fate of your email. A short and crisp subject line with a quick call to action can do the trick. You are free to use some of the tried and tested marketing gimmicks such as creation of sense of urgency, instilling fear or disbelief, asking a question, or just offering some great advantages while drafting your subject line.

Connect with readers in the mail’s body

Once you have succeeded in tempting your readers to open the email, the onus shifts to the content of your email. In order to stand out in the crowd of emails, try to use words like ‘me’ or ‘you’ more frequently in your mails to open up dialogue that strikes balance between professionalism and personalization. Your contacts should get a feeling that the emails are from real person and not automated with help of some high end software applications.

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