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Electronic mail, also known as email or e-mail, is one of the optimal mediums of exchanging digital messages between the sender and the recipient. With time, technology has evolved to a great extent and nowadays email functions across the Internet or other computer networks. Initially, in the email systems the sender and the recipient both were supposed to be on-line at the same interval of time, with common instant messaging provision. These days email systems are mainly based on a store-and-forward model. Email Hosting Servers receive, forward, deliver, and save messages in draft. Hence, it is not mandatory neither for the end-user nor their computers to be on-line concurrently; they just need to connect only momentarily, normally to a mail server, for as long as it takes to send or receive the messages.

Some of the key advantages of email are:

- Easy to manage: Makes the management of message deliverance easy not only for you, but also for your customers. You can reply, edit, store and send message to others without any unnecessary usage of reams of paper.

- Quickest means of communication: Mails can be delivered instantaneously from your workstation to anywhere around the world. No matter how far is the location and this type of service can’t be delivered by any other mode of communication.

- Economical: Relatively to telephone calls, faxes, or overnight courier service, Email is quite economical.

- Easy to Filter: The subject line of any Email makes it easier for the recipient as well as for the sender of the mail to prioritize messages accordingly. The reader can recognize highly imperative mail quickly and deal with the same on priority basis.

- Makes the dissemination of information or data more secure and reliable: The level of protection in dissemination of highly critical messages is very important from business or personal point of view, and the industry endures to make every effort to devise more stringent security provisions for the same.


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