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EZ Publish

EZ Publish is an open source content management system which is written in PHP. It was developed by a Norwegian company called eZ Systems. eZ Publish is issued under GNU GPL license and is freely available. It exists in two versions: the community version which is available under the GPLv2 license and several extended versions for business are available under permissive business license.

EZ Publish has a relatively simple editing dashboard which can be adjusted to be minimal or complex as per the need of the site to be build and functions to be included. eZ Publish is a good choice for medium sized business that have a lot of backend web content such as contact, document and project management.

EZ Publish has an image editor within the program that lets you adjust the size of picture, clarity, colour, effects and contrast. It has real time reports on visitor activity to help you analyze visitor information. It lets you include blogs, wikis and discussion form on your website which allows visitors contribution

EZ Publish is considered a better choice because of its several features such as being an open source, has future proof content model, separates content from presentation, has several APIs, it is highly extensible, known for its upgradeability. eZ Publish is the best solution to your search for an enterprise open source content management system built in PHP framework, highly extensible, upgradeable and easy to integrate.

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