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5 Reasons Why Business Communications Must Use Email on Business Domains

Process of establishing reputation and credibility of your business can be highly intricate with the involvement of multiple factors. There are no short cuts to develop a good recognition for a business.

A website and a good domain name play vital roles in promoting your business online. This should be complimented with a domain specific email address. There are many advantages of using email on your own domain but the most notable one is brand establishment.

  1. Don’t be a part of crowd

Many entrepreneurs are not even aware of how the free mail account is tarnishing the image of their business. With a common webmail account your business can become virtually indistinguishable from the millions of similar email accounts floating around in the vast universe of the internet. Generic mail account is ideal for sending personal and private communications.

Your business contacts including your associates and customers may feel that you have a casual approach towards your business. Just have a look at your inbox to know how business email hosting stand apart from the generic emails. It is the same feeling your clients will have towards your business that communicates by using free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. You need to stand out from the rest, if you want to establish a robust identity of your business.

  1. Build trust and professionalism

Imagine that you are visiting a client and send in a piece of paper by scribbling your name on it instead of using a visiting card. Just think about what sort of impression you would be making, even before meeting your prospect. In all probability your potential client may even refuse to spare time for you.

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Your free mail account is in no way better than a piece of paper and it will convey unprofessionalism and lack of trustworthiness to all your mail contacts. In contrast, email on your business domain is your professional visiting card in Cyberspace. It will instantly build trust and your mail recipients will know that you mean business.

  1. Secure your online identity

No businessman can afford to get his or her email account suspended or hacked by cyber criminals. It will not only jeopardize the entire communication platform but will also lead to the loss of business.

Free mail platforms are free and open to anybody. Fraudsters can create mail address that is similar to your company email ID and wreck havoc with your business. By establishing your business email on your domain you are securing your online presence and offering a sense of trust and security to your associates.

  1. Let your business get noticed

With the proliferation of spam messages and unsolicited mails, people are not keen to open mails sent to them by using generic email accounts. Such mails are either directed to spam folders or junk folders.

It is observed that a busy businessman receives as many as fifty to hundred mails on a daily basis and most of the mails belong to the category of spam mails. The mails are attended by categorizing on the basis of priority.

The most important category is mails from known contacts followed by mails from professionals who are using business email accounts and the last category is mails that are sent by unknown people by using free mail accounts.

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With a professional email account on your business domain, the online identity of your business gets a boost. It is easy for your clients to find your website by just looking at the email address.

In fact, such email address directs your mail contact to your website due to the presence of a domain name in your professional email address. In fact it is now customary for any business worth its salt to have an email on domain.

  1. Private Cloud  environment for business communications

There are different categories of businesses, depending on the level of privacy concerns. You can ensure the utmost privacy of communication with the help of email accounts on your business domain. There could be compliance issues related to specific countries that might be breached due to the use of free webmail accounts.

Your business transactions and all other related matters such as contracts, agreements, quotations, price lists, payment notices, and other vital business communications need to be handled in a private and secure environment of email accounts on your business domain.

By doing so, you are bypassing the public environment and securing your communications from hackers and eavesdroppers. Free webmail services are favorite targets of spammers and cybercriminals. These can lead to the re-routing of your mails or disabling your communications that are sent via generic mail services.

It is always preferable to secure your business communications by using your own domain. It improves the accessibility and security of your business communications and also helps build trust, credibility, and image of your business in World Wide Web.

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You should always endeavor to promote a brand image of your enterprise by using the domain name in all communications. If you are using a free webmail account for sending business communications, then it would be advisable to shift immediately to an email account on your domain name.

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