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Email Hosting Services

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Well, quite excited to give you an insight of this particular domain. Actually, Email Hosting is one of mine favorite topics, for which I could probably have hour’s long discussion. Loaded with a range of cogent features, email hosting enhances the ability of emailing and tracking, which is an important need for every business today.

For this section, we have worked tirelessly to make you aware of the facts and queries related to Email Hosting.

Herein, we will cover the following topics:

  –  What is Email Hosting

  –  Types of Email Hosting

  –  Email Hosting: Benefits at a Glance

  –  Why to pay for ‘Email Hosting’ when there are free Email Services available?

  –  How Email Hosting Is Essential For Smart Business

  –  How to choose Best Suited Email Hosting Service?

What Is Email Hosting?

An email hosting is an web hosting service that manages email servers. It is a service offered by several web hosting companies these days, which facilitates sending and receiving of emails. These are not configured like the web servers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc as they have an entirely different configuration. Every company may not be able to afford email server, that’s the reason why email hosting has gained popularity. These services are provided to different business owners depending on their requirements.

Types of Email Hosting Services

There are two types of email hosting that you can find online.

  –  Free email hosting services

  –  Paid email hosting services

One can wield either of the two, based on the needs in order to get the best boost that both email hosts are providing.

If you want an email just for your personal communication process, free email hosting is the best option for that. As it will be used for personal purposes, hence it is not so essential to shed capital just to get the service. However, it will be completely a different story if you will be using an email for business purposes. For this, paid email hosting services plays a vital role.

You can choose from personal account email hosting, email hosting for business accounts, or group email hosting. E- mail hosting plans include IMAP/POP3 email hosting, email forwarding options, auto responders, junk e-mail filters, anti-virus scanning, backscatter prevention, choice of IMAP name space, security features, auto listing replies, remote box polls, and unlimited email addresses.

Email Hosting: Benefits at a Glance

An adept business email solution gives you an ease to access your email, contacts, calendars, tasks from web, desktop computers or mobile phones. You can opt for any of the hosting platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Zimbra, or netCore. Here are few of the benefits of business email solutions:

Security: The biggest benefit that comes with email solution is that it brings along a great level of security to all type of mailing communication. Email hosting providers provide this service with tools like IMAP and POP, which assures no important data gets lost and no unauthorized party has any access to it.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam: Going through unwanted mails becomes very tedious and tiring for users. Instead of concentrating on important emails, users have to spend time on reading useless emails. This can be prevented by using Anti-spam & Anti-virus filters. These filters ensure that no unwanted mail or virus can break through into the systems.

Address Book Sharing: Address book sharing is one of the best features of email hosting services. This feature allows the user to not only add contacts in the address book, but also the ability to share contact details with others within the address book.

Storage Space: Usually, customized storage space is also offered to customers. Depending upon the specific customer requirement, email service providers go ahead and customize the storage space.

Why to pay for ‘Email Hosting’ when there are free Email Services available?

No matter how money-saving, free email hosting is, your business will still leverage from paid email hosting services.

  –  The foremost benefit that you can draw and possibly, which is extremely important is the security. Since these services are paid, you will be assured that security has been enhanced in order to safeguard your email from malicious applications invasion.

  –  The next benefit is that you will get a bigger inbox to receive all your mails. Therefore, you will not have any problems in receiving important emails from clients

  –  Another benefit you get from the paid email hosting services is that these email hosting will be free from any advertisements that are muddling your email interface.

  –  Simultaneously, you will have your email interface loaded expeditiously rather than waiting for the advertisements to get loaded first.

  –  Availing paid email hosting services allows using the domain name of your business. With this, the chances of your business being remembered by the prospect, gets enhanced. At the outset, your client will not stumble from getting service from you as your business will leave an impression of being well organized and established.

  –  On top of this, you have option for data encryption in your emails so that only authorized persons can access/read messages you are sending.

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How Email Hosting Is Essential For Smart Business

Below are some of the major reasons, which will help you aware of the benefits of email hosting services

  –  Fastest and secured email communication environment

  –  Lets you manage IT resources of your organization in a efficient way

  –  Allows managing and keeping a record of incoming and outgoing business emails

  –  Ensures real-time communication and also allows centralize management of information flow

  –  Allows accessing of emails along with the public folder with utmost ease

  –  Creates a fresh identity and is adept in protecting your existing identity

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How to choose Best Suited Email Hosting Service?

This service is usually provided by email hosting companies that run email servers, which are the most important elements of the electronic mailing process. When looking for an apt business email service there are several things that a user needs to consider, which are as follows:

  –  Although searching for the best email web hosting service can be overwhelming process for few. So, it is recommended to do some research and find a reliable email host.

  –  Quality and the cost of the service are the very prominent factors needed to be considered. You need to compare several companies, check their rates, and see which of them offers cost-effective mail hosting plans.

  –  Email web hosting offers exclusive services at a fixed rate, while free email platforms are available at no cost since all expenses are covered by the income generated from advertising companies. You are suggested to see the business requirement and choose wisely.

  –  When offering web email hosting, an organization needs to maintain the reliability of the servers on which the email accounts of its customers are stored. Check if the company practices the same.

  –  Most mail hosting companies provide quality email hosting services with premium features and custom configurations. Check them out to be sure about speed, security and likewise issues.

  –  Don’t hesitate to ask for a free trial and test the email hosting services features by the company you’re interested in.

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