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Cloud Email Hosting Always Improves Anti-spam and Email Security

Organizations these days are considered as prime recipients of spam. There is no denying the fact that spam continues to grow, thereby posing a threat for traditional on-premises email security products to protect companies’ communication channels. This is because traditional on-premises email security products often lack space for additional hardware installation, which in turn deprive them from handling large spam volumes. Once the number of spam transcends the limit, these traditional security products swiftly get congested, severely affecting email delivery speed.

Traditional security products continue to remain unsuccessful in preventing spam from entering the network. This clearly indicates that the company is receiving large volumes of spam and it undeniably becomes susceptible to email threats. In addition to risks associated with email service providers, the company also bears the burden of considerable infrastructure costs, such as bandwidth and storage, since managing spam requires adequate network resources.

If reports are to be believed, traditional on-premises email security products intensely need upgradation to improve effectiveness. This seems to give an impression that a dedicated resource needs to be allocated to keep the products up to date. In doing so, organizations are reported to be encountered with two hostile options: on the one hand, severely affected from lower productivity due to excessive influx of spam, and on the other, investing huge capital outlays on human resources for troubleshooting and maintenance of email security products.

The presence of these shortcomings has impelled International Data Center (IDC) to demand for cloud email hosting solutions – also referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. According to reports, the market is expected to witness significant growth in rendering cloud email hosting services in times to come. For context, the growth for cloud email hosting solutions is projected to be thrice the growth of traditional on-premises email security products, and more than double the advance of appliance-based messaging security solutions.

Easy Deployment and Flexible Management Options

Cloud email hosting seldom consumes hardware or software for installation and maintenance. All potential email threats are prevented from entering the communication network, allowing organizations to benefit from improved end-user productivity, higher bandwidth, voluminous mail server storage and increased CPU capacity.

With flexible management options, companies are capable of optimizing spam-blocking process, as well as fixing content filtering and outbound email policy rules. This clearly states that the company can incessantly optimize email security and performance with the support of cloud hosting solutions.

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