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Understanding Relevance of VPS Hosting for Small and Medium Businesses

A virtual private server helps small and medium enterprises explore the amazing advantages of virtualization technologies and brings privacy and control of dedicated server environment within their easy reach. It facilitates users with access to an isolated environment of a virtual private server that is built by compartmentalization of a large server with the help of server virtualization technology.

Amazing advantages of VPS hosting services

Web hosting services have enhanced IT-related capabilities of small and medium organizations. During the period when it was not possible to lease or rent servers, these enterprises were not able to compete with large organizations since they could not afford server ownership and onsite data centers.

VPS hosting allows complete root access to server resources and obviates huge upfront costs of purchasing server equipment. It also offers freedom from paying maintenance costs. Users can also run applications of their choice in VPS environment. Since VPS accounts are essentially server images, these can be moved from one server to another without impacting uptime.

Although VPS hosting is a multi-tenant arrangement that ensures multiple users in a single physical server, no user is affected due to other users’ performance unlike shared hosting environment.

Every user in VPS hosting account has independent access to CPU power, memory, bandwidth, and storage. A virtual private server ensures that every website is operating in an isolated environment and is therefore as secure as a dedicated server.

Market forces and seasonality affects resource requirement at any given time. Every online business needs to be prepared to face the challenges of demand fluctuations caused by waxing and waning of hits.

VPS service allows you to plan your resource requirement optimally. You can also add resources as and when the demand rises. The plan can also be downsized if there is a downward trend. Scalability of resources is the most sought after features of VPS hosting services.

VPS is also able to streamline server management operations with the help of container-based virtualization platforms including Virtuozzo Container for the addition or removal of resources including CPU or memory.

This can also extend to the addition of a new VPS to explore new business avenues or to multiple your resource capabilities. Users are able to optimize IT infrastructure overheads very efficiently in a VPS environment. A virtual private server is also reckoned for remarkable availability, since it is not heavily dependent on hardware.

A virtual private server empowers small enterprises with a wide range of features offered by Parallels Plesk Server such as file sharing or collaboration, website operation, and email management.

A virtual private server enables organizations to make the optimum use of server capabilities and other resources. This can enhance their returns on investment and help control costs of IT infrastructure.

VPS is able to provide following benefits to small and medium organizations:

  • High performance and compute power
  • Outstanding control on server resources
  • Privacy and security
  • High availability
  • On demand scalability

A virtual server facilitates the choice of an operating system, freedom to add or remove resources, install software, and exercise root access with the economy of multi-tenant environment.

A virtual private server is appropriate solution for small businesses who cannot afford their own dedicated servers due to budgetary restrictions. VPS provides them with an opportunity to avail resources that were the monopoly of large organizations and helps them compete in a level playing field.

Choosing the right VPS vendor

Availability of a large number of hosting service providers has actually complicated the process of selection. Almost every service provider seems to offer unlimited resources and 99.99 percent uptime.

You should narrow down your search by finding well-established providers who have at least ten years of proven experience of providing satisfactory services to users of hosting solutions. Ideal VPS hosting service providers are able to offer Windows as well as Linux VPS server hosting to customers and have acquired hands on experience of managing and monitoring VPS servers.

It is always better to approach current customers of hosting services for first hand information about the reliability of services.

In addition to a SLA-backed guarantee of 99.99 percent network uptime, your VPS host should be in a position to provide quick deployment and free setup facility. High network connectivity must be supported by a premium bandwidth advantage. VPS servers must be protected from unexpected events and should have flawless firewall protection.

VPS hosting services should be able to design plans to cater to all types of businesses irrespective of size and category. You should also ensure that you have ability to scale up or scale down the vital resources of storage, bandwidth, and RAM.

Virtual private servers are ideal for small and medium sized businesses because they facilitate resource sharing ad enhance overall server utilization experience due to virtualization technology.

VPS hosting is a beautiful and affordable blend of economy advantages offered by shared hosting and robust controls of dedicated server hosting. Users can install desired software, add or remove resources and custom tools to facilitate their web projects with exceptional ease and controls.

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