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Cloud Hosting in India

Cloud Hosting and How Does it Work Exactly?

The usage of the internet has increased so amazingly in the last two decades. The speed of the internet has become an important parameter while accessing it. Every user requires high-speed internet with best-in-class security. This growing cloud technology has led to cloud hosting. By now everyone has heard about cloud computing. Still, many users are confused about what it is. In this blog, we will explain the concept behind cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting

In the context of cloud hosting in India, a single thing cannot be pointed to an object and call it a cloud. It is an electronic network consisting of virtual servers, where data is stored on different pools of web servers. And these servers are connected to the internet. These servers can be leased as a part of hardware and software whenever needed.

The cloud shares the load among the different servers that are connected to a network, it can provide high-speed internet.

The advantage of the cloud is that it has many distributed resources. These distributed resources act as one which is often called federated storage clouds.

Cloud and Internet

Is there any difference between the internet and the cloud??

There is only one difference and that is the internet is required for the cloud, and also it is said that the internet is a mini cloud.

Let’s go a bit deeper: –

Internet – The internet constitutes various networks that allow software and hardware communication for data transfer. To work, the internet uses TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) for the communication between the different IP addresses.

Cloud – Cloud provides resources like software, platforms, and infrastructure over the internet. It can be used as a service for data accessing needs. The provider who offers cloud services is called a service provider. And the one who buys all the services is known as a subscriber. The internet and the cloud form the connection to build communication between different systems. As of now, you have understood the basics of cloud computing. Let’s move forward to know more about cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is the leading and the latest type of hosting that has become one of the most popular over a few years. The traditional method of web hosting was to host it on the server. And the server can be shared on multiple websites or dedicated. In which a website gets separate space but overall the web hosting principle is the same for both. Cloud hosting is a bit different, instead of storing data on a single server. Your data will be distributed among different servers at different places and they all are connected. Users can access their data via a virtual machine that has access to numerous servers across the cloud.

This also confuses the user about how data is distributed on different servers. And their resources can be scaled up whenever required. Distribution of power and storage capacity administered by the backend system. The cloud server admin can log into the backend through the terminal and can also check the CPU load of all the machines. This process is known as virtualization. With this, the resources can be easily pulled.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting: –

Cloud servers are very beneficial over traditional servers. While opting for cloud hosting, clients rent the virtual space and not the physical server space. So, the client can pay for the resources that are being used. Some other benefits are: –

  1. Scalability: In cloud hosting, CPU and memory resources can be scaled upward and downward. This makes it more flexible and ultimate and also saves your cost.
  2. Redundancy: Cloud servers are redundant means that the server goes down or fails. Other servers will take their place and they will start performing the task.
  3. Pricing: In cloud hosting, pay for what you use. Users don’t need to buy another plan or pay a high amount for using higher resources. If a user doesn’t need them.
  4. Security: The data is stored on various web servers. Thus, even if one server is not performing, the user will get another chance for the backup. Various server protocols areuse used to widespread the data and this data cannot be cracked easily.
  5. Customization: Users can customize data, as per requirements. Users can create – modify – destroy data easily.
  6. Load Balancing: As the data is distributed on several servers, one server doesn’t need to handle all the uploading and downloading of the files. Hence, the load gets balanced and the speed of the system increases drastically.

Main Reason that why many users fear opting for cloud hosting!!

Cloud hosting is a full-proof solution for all your web hosting requirements. But its major issue is lack of knowledge. Without proper understanding or a cloud expert team like Go4hosting. Users won’t find any benefit in cloud hosting.

How does cloud hosting work?

Every computer that is used in any business/ organization, requires a license that needs to be carried out the tasks. Like = data sharing and for other complex tasks. Machines with high processing power and other designated equipment are required. This clearly shows that it needs a huge capital, so the alternative for this is cloud hosting. No other traditional hosting will be suitable for these requirements.

The frontend and the backend involve logging into the applications via web browsers. The backend provides cloud hosting in the form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

Cloud Hosting Service uses the following techniques: –

As cloud hosting service doesn’t use any dedicated server to store the data. It uses high-end servers with high storage and offers seamless speed, hard disks, along with the high capacity of RAM.

In the public cloud models, hosting runs on the virtual server that pulls resources from the publicly virtual resources.

A public network is commonly used to transfer data that is stored on the servers that act as a resource for the cloud.

All these public clouds add security measures to ensure that the data is stored in private and it won’t be affected by any sort of malware.

Private cloud is more relevant from the security point of view. As it uses ring-fenced resources like networks and servers. They are located on-site or with the cloud provider.


As cybercrimes and other malicious activities are increasing day by day. No one has a permanent solution to such crimes. But all you can do is choose and prefer the perfect cloud hosting provider. A cloud hosting provider that can provide you with the best and most reliable hosting packages and plans. With the latest security methodologies so that you can counter such kinds of situations. If you are looking for the finest security with the latest hardware resources. Then Go4hositng is the next perfect solution for your website. Go4hosting offers all types of web hosting. Like – Windows Cloud Server, Linux Cloud Server, Virtual private cloud, enterprise cloud storage, cloud security, etc.

If you want to know more about cloud hosting and all about its features, plans, and pricing. Contact Go4hosting cloud experts and know about all the cloud plans. Don’t wait, Contact Now!!

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