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Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting

What is Dedicated Server and how is it different from VPS?

Every business or organization probably starts with shared hosting when they first launched their website. After all, it’s the cheapest option for starting your website and low in budget. As the business grows, it’s important to know and understand something more sustainable. There are plenty of options that businesses can go for in web hosting. After searching down on the internet, business owners might be wondering that – what is a dedicated server hosting in India?? And why should you go for a dedicated server??

The answer lies in different reasons for upgrading to a different web hosting plan. For instance – Companies might be dealing with sudden web traffic rise, or they are predicting good growth in the future. Dedicated server is the only ideal option if businesses are thinking about staying strong on high or sudden web traffic rise. A dedicated server gives an entire server and different potential features that can manage any sort of situation.

In this article, we will give a brief explanation of a dedicated server. And the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS server.

What is a Dedicated Server??

Dedicated server is strongly dedicated to a single entity. A dedicated server is a piece of hardware that is entirely owned by a single or individual user. Owning a server all to itself offers an immense level of power, flexibility but this usually comes with a high price. Dedicated server price in India is actually on the high side. While it offers a good amount of features, it has an immense level of cost.

More Thoughts on Dedicated Server: –

In other terms, it can be designated as a single computer within a network that is reserved for an individual. For instance – In a network, a user has a dedicated computer dedicated to printer resources, another computer dedicated to external connections, another computer designated to a network firewall, etc. These computers act as a dedicated server, as all computers are allocated to a specific task within the network. Apart from its main objective dedicated server was designed to contribute some great benefits.

Benefit of Dedicated Server:

Long-Term Performance – A dedicated server offers an exclusive dedicated platform with no conflict of resources. It’s dedicated to an individual. This means you have entire space and a large number of CPU resources and storage space.

Dedicated servers are designed to provide more storage and virtual resources, instead of having competent resources. It offers a high-performing hosting solution that businesses always try to look after. And also cloud experts recommend opting dedicated server.

Cost-Effective – In the long run, the dedicated server is the best value for money. Dedicated server will offer much more in terms of resources and the number of users. That can be configured at any point in the servers hosting provider handles everything on the server. From maintenance to supply chain of the server hardware.

Customize Hardware to Business Requirements – Dedicated server can be easily customized to the required specifications. Whether it’s RAM, storage space, or even CPU. All the hardware is customizable. Moreover, Depending on the needs, dedicated server resources can be scaled up to gear up growing needs.

Flexible Usage – Dedicated server can be used for numerous purposes, as they offer large space. A dedicated server can be used for web hosting, testing, mobile application hosting, streaming, etc. The entire server can be distributed into small virtual servers or set up a VPN and more.

Enhanced Security – Dedicated server is only for a single user. Users can easily configure security. For example – Users can implement the required security policies. Many unnecessary services must be blocked to stop unauthorized access. With a stronghold of permissions, security can be easily managed on the entire server. In other words, data on a dedicated server is purely secure because of enhanced security implementations.

Apart from dedicated server top benefits. Businesses are more interested in knowing another type of web hosting. If you have growing needs and you are thinking to upgrade to the next type of hosting. You must understand VPS (Virtual Private Server).

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS hosting is the other most popular web hosting service that is vastly used by many organizations. VPS uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated server resources and pricing of shared hosting on a single server with other virtual users. VPS has proven to be more stable and secure than shared hosting. Smaller in scale and low in price than renting a single server.

Hence, a dedicated server has much more value than all types of web hosting. The core differences between VPS hosting and dedicated server are:

Dedicated Server vs VPS – Enhanced Security and Stability – In both VPS and dedicated hosting, websites are isolated from every point of contact. From malware and other intrusions and also from sharing resources. VPS hosting like – dedicated hosting offers more performance and stability. Since server resources are allotted to individual spaces, rather than sharing across all users. In this way, website speed stability is not affected by any kind of surges in web traffic or by any other actions. It does offer a lot of options to migrate to another server within a web hosting environment without changing the hosting providers. This kind of web hosting can be served as a gateway to a dedicated server as the website evolves or serve a user’s requirements.

Dedicated Server vs VPS – Pricing for Affordability – VPS hosting is the middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is higher in cost than shared hosting. But it can be significantly more affordable than dedicated server hosting. With a large list of web hosting plans combining services, features, and resources for different client needs. VPS hosting offers options ranging from basic to advance levels of plans. To get more detailed information on VPS hosting plans you can visit our website. We have created a vast list of VPS and dedicated server hosting plans.

Who needs Dedicated hosting??

Dedicated server hosting is not for every website owner. But it can be a great solution for those whose websites have grown beyond the designated parameters hosting plans. Or users who want more control over the performance of their websites. With a variety of dedicated hosting plans and services available from go4hosting, the blended mixture of resources and features can either be a stepping stone or it can be a lite for small businesses.


Being a website owner, if dedicated hosting is the right web hosting plan for your business. You should get it today. None of the businesses can risk their revenue or slow speed of their website. As the website is now the main resource of everyone living. And dedicated server hosting offers more customization than any other hosting.

Not just about customization but dedicated server hosting also offers a lot of other features scaling up the resources, stability, flexible usage, and a lot more. Almost every other business owner works by predicting their regular growth.

That’s why choosing this type of web hosting is one of the biggest reasons for many companies. And they don’t find any issue with their website. If you to find out how to get your dedicated server, Or you need other web hosting services. Contact our support team.

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