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Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting for your Business

Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting for your Business

You will find that emails remain the most cost-effective forms of communication for businesses. Emails are needed for day-to-day functioning of the business and for planning purposes. For smaller businesses too, emails are valuable because they are an easy and affordable way of facilitating team work. To manage the huge volumes of emails each day, businesses opt for email hosting services. The professional email hosting servers will be responsible for receiving and sending emails to client servers. Zimbra email hosting services are chosen primarily because of the many benefits which it offers.

Zimbra email hosting services are popular because of the simplicity and flexibility that it offers to enterprises. Zimbra makes it super easy for them to manage emails, calendars and contacts, share and manage files and documents. Zimbra is also popular because of its desktop synchronization feature that gives users mobility to work on any device connected to the Internet. So, when you are looking for better functionality or higher reliability from a professional email hosting service, you should put your faith in Zimbra. Unlike other email services, you are not required to be at your desk to be able to access or edit or reply to emails. You can reply to mails and edit calendars, managed work schedules etc from even a smartphone or laptop.

Why should you choose Zimbra email hosting services?

1. Spam Control: One of the main reasons to choose Zimbra email hosting is that it will help you to stay away from spam mails. Simply sorting through bulks of emails and deleting the spam emails is a time-consuming, tedious and cumbersome task. Employees in any organization would be wasting a lot of effort and time taking care of this. To help them Zimbra email hosting offer built-in spam filters. These are designed to locate and eliminate spam emails. Users do not have to read through these emails at all, saving them a lot of time. They will only have to configure the settings of these spam filters to make sure that malicious emails do not find a way into your mailboxes.

2. Creating Calendars: All teams working on the same project should be able to communicate with one another at all times. They must be aware of appointments, project deadlines and delivery schedules. Zimbra email hosting services helps managers of projects to ensure there is better coordination amongst team members. So, managers can now create calendars and even share this with team members to make sure everyone is updated.

3. Backups: With Zimbra email hosting, you can also enjoy backups of significant emails. Without proper backup plans in place, you stand to lose valuable data whenever the system crashes. This is why Zimbra email hosting solutions allow you to enjoy their backup feature. You can talk to your Zimbra email hosting provider about this feature. You need to find out how frequently backups will be carried out and how much data can be backed up before you sign up with them.

4. Document Storage: The best part about choosing Zimbra email hosting services is that you can enjoy document storage without any limitations. You can manage documents better as a result; it is possible to access these even when you are traveling.

5. Mobile Synchronization: Zimbra email hosting provides better centralization as businesses can now share and manage calendars and tasks. The mobile synchronization feature ensures that your contacts, calendars and inboxes are always in sync with your smartphones, whether you use an iPhone or Android.

6. Local Archiving: Emails are stored locally and this allows businesses to retrieve their emails, contacts and calendars at any time from Microsoft Outlook and such other programs.

7. Affordability: Zimbra offers many benefits to businesses at affordable prices. You will not need any specialized hardware or software to enjoy Zimbra email hosting solutions.

8. No Data Loss: The backend structure is also managed efficiently and chances of data loss or email loss are low even if there is an outage. Incidentally, even if the client facility is unable to salvage the email accounts, employees can themselves do this from their mobile phones and laptops. That apart, Zimbra also makes use of enterprise-level security measures like firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus systems and anti-phishing filters to prevent security breaches.

9. Compatibility: Another significant advantage of choosing Zimbra email hosting is that it is compatible with many browsers and devices. You will not need a particular browser for Zimbra to become functional. You can simply install the Zimbra suite without worrying whether it will be compatible with your existing browsers and devices.

These are some of the key benefits offered by Zimbra email hosting services. With Zimbra, your employees are able to manage their mailboxes far better. They save precious time and money in the process. You can even get customized services if you get in touch with your Zimbra provider.

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