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Key Points To Consider Before Choosing Dedicated Hosting Plans

Key Points To Consider Before Choosing Dedicated Hosting Plans

When you are thinking of expanding your business you will want to upgrade to dedicated hosting solutions. Likewise, when your already established site experiences ample growth, it is wise to upgrade to dedicated hosting plans. However, the most important things you will want to ensure for your website are high-end security and sufficient storage space. The hosting provider you choose should also be able to offer you ample bandwidth. Since dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared or VPS hosting, most start-ups prefer to sign up for sharing hosting initially.

Shared hosting is ideally suited for smaller businesses and start-ups because they are effective and affordable at the same time. In shared hosting, you will have to share the same server space with other co-users. So, businesses which have resource-rich sites may find it hard to handle the volume of incoming traffic they get. This is why such businesses choose dedicated hosting plans. With dedicated hosting, all the resources belonging to a server, like disk space, bandwidth, memory and processing power can be enjoyed by a single enterprise exclusively for its own needs. There is no need for sharing resources with neighbors.

Five Factors to Consider when Choosing Dedicated Hosting:

1. Enhanced Security: One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing dedicated hosting is security. Compared to VPS or shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting offers a higher degree of security as you have complete control over resource allocation. So, you can carry out regular security updates for the website and your files. When you choose a dedicated server, you can be certain that it will prevent interactions with websites which install and run malicious scripts. Users are provided with administrative access to the dedicated server and they are free to install their choice of anti-malware, anti-spyware and firewalls.

2. Scalability: When your business is growing steadily, you will need more resources from time to time. So, your demands for additional storage and bandwidth will continue to grow. Shared hosting cannot provide you with these additional resources and you have to opt for dedicated hosting. So, when choosing a dedicated server, it is necessary to find out whether you will be able to get these additional resources when you want them without having to migrate to a new host. Moreover, in dedicated hosting, users are not limited to specific custom scripts only; they can install remote applications depending on their needs.

3. Reliability/ Server Uptime: Another important factor to consider is how reliable the dedicated servers are. All businesses will try to ensure that they get the highest possible uptime from their web hosts. This will in turn guarantee zero downtime for their businesses. When you choose dedicated hosting, you will not longer have to worry about your site facing downtime as resources will be at your disposal at all times. So, regardless of how much traffic you get to your site, you will not have to face downtime issues.

4. Additional Flexibility: Dedicated hosting will offer users a lot of operational flexibility and server control. When you run a resource-rich website, you cannot afford to face bandwidth issues. You have to be able to deploy as many custom applications as you find necessary to maintain a high server uptime. Your host should allow you to set up core software with Linux commands even over Windows OS for boosting the server’s performance.

5. Operational Costs: When you have decided to sign up for dedicated hosting, you need to consider server maintenance costs. Physical servers entail steep costs because they have to be managed by teams of professionals. Service providers will offer multiple features along with their hosting packages. So, you need to check for these features and the prices of the hosting plans before you sign up. Some of these functions are unique IP address for the websites, better protection against spam, ecommerce software and caching software.

Besides these important factors that you must take into account when choosing dedicated hosting, you must also inquire about the processing power, the amount of RAM you can get etc. While the performance set-up may be superior, data delivery may not be up to the mark when data center facilities are too far away. You need to choose a hosting provider which can advise you rightly on solutions that would be beneficial for you.

When you have been able to choose a good web host, you can enjoy seamless business operations. Dedicated servers are able to give increased server control to business owners. This in turn gives them the freedom to install software and custom applications of their choice. Dedicated servers also help to prevent the site from slowing down because of third party activities. This is a common problem with shared hosting where activities on your neighbors’ sites can slow your site down.

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